Evaluating Student Outcomes With Online Surveys

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Most educational systems are changing their priorities, and finding new ways to both evaluate students and create effective class schedules. In the past, the focus was always on tests – students were given standardized tests to ... Read More

How Surveys Can Be Used for Student and Parent Feedback

As a teacher, your goal is to make sure that your students are learning. There is only so much you can do – what their home life is like, what their after-school life is like, and ... Read More

Weaknesses of Collecting Considerable Customer Background Information

Recently we wrote an article discussing the value of collecting a great deal of customer background information. The idea is that there are often unseen relationships between products/companies and their customers, and when you ... Read More

Benefits of Collecting Considerable Customer Background Information

Market research is not just about collecting data – it’s about collecting the right data. You need your data to drive business decisions, and you need to look for relationships that can help you meet ... Read More

Internal Surveys – Finding Out What Your Employees Need

At SurveyMethods, we often promote the idea that surveys can be used for any type of data collection, beyond traditional research. Surveys are a low cost, potentially anonymous tool that makes it possible to gather ... Read More

How Often Should You Run Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

Employee satisfaction surveys are far more useful when you have multiple baselines of data. Indeed, ideally you will not just look at the number itself, you will also look at the way that number changes ... Read More

Benefits and Weaknesses of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Feedback from your clients is a crucial aspect of developing a successful business. It allows you to ensure that your products, services, and customer support are all on the right track. Without feedback, your company ... Read More

How to Write a Survey Introduction

While it may be one of the most overlooked parts of a survey, the introduction plays a big role in its ability to motivate the respondent to take the survey, brand your business, and make ... Read More

Employee Satisfaction and Employee Loyalty – An Introduction

Customer loyalty is a well-known part of good business practice. Companies invest countless dollars trying to ensure that their customers are happy and willing to invest a great deal of their own hard earned dollars ... Read More

What is the Difference between Customer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty?

Much has been said about the absolute importance of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty as far as long term prospects of any business are concerned. And this is said, without much heed being paid to ... Read More

Pros and Cons of Doing Surveys In-House

Despite all the survey tools available, you still need someone to run your survey project. Often companies decide to outsource this work to companies with experience in the area, but outsourcing can be expensive, and ... Read More

What is the Service-Profit Chain?

Businesses are always trying to figure out the connection between their satisfaction and loyalty, efforts and profit. Numerous studies have shown different styles of relationships when it comes to what creates revenue. Some research has ... Read More

The Value of Improving Customer Retention

New customers are an important part of any business. The world is an enormous marketplace, and the goal of any business (potentially all businesses) is to try to attract as many customers as possible in ... Read More

5 Myths About Customer Retention

Customer retention is an underrate aspect of maintaining a successful business. All companies understand that losing a customer is bad for the business, but not every company realizes that a returning customer is 2 to 5 times ... Read More

Can Employee Surveys Create Loyalty

We've had a few articles in the past that discussed whether or not the simply act of creating customer surveys can create loyalty in customers. While there were some theories that supported the idea, most ... Read More

Using Predictive Analytics in Marketing Campaigns

Businesses need more than simply a successful revenue stream in order to ensure their long term success. They need to be able to set themselves up for a successful future – leveraging what they know in ... Read More

What Are Predictive Analytics?

Businesses need more than simply a successful revenue stream in order to ensure their long term success. They need to be able to set themselves up for a successful future – leveraging what they know in ... Read More
Online Survey Software

Survey Quotas

Survey quotas allow you to gather a specific number of responses or responses that only meet certain conditions. A quota also specifies an action to perform after it has been met. For example, you can ... Read More

Advanced Survey Logic

We’re excited to announce SurveyMethods’ latest release – Advanced Survey Logic! This includes various new functionalities and enhancements to our skip logic module. Now you can customize the flow of your survey based on answers ... Read More

5 Tips for Improving Your Survey Research Response Rate

Survey research is the most valuable form of data collection for businesses. It gives you numbers that you can use to affect business strategy, whether it is information on a new path to take with ... Read More