The Value of Improving Customer Retention

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New customers are an important part of any business. The world is an enormous marketplace, and the goal of any business (potentially all businesses) is to try to attract as many customers as possible in ... Read More

5 Myths About Customer Retention

Customer retention is an underrate aspect of maintaining a successful business. All companies understand that losing a customer is bad for business, but not every company realizes that a returning customer is 2 to 5 times as ... Read More

Can Employee Surveys Create Loyalty

We've had a few articles in the past that discussed whether or not the simply act of creating customer surveys can create loyalty in customers. While there were some theories that supported the idea, most ... Read More

Using Predictive Analytics in Marketing Campaigns

Businesses need more than simply a successful revenue stream in order to ensure their long term success. They need to be able to set themselves up for a successful future – leveraging what they know in ... Read More

What Are Predictive Analytics?

Businesses need more than simply a successful revenue stream in order to ensure their long term success. They need to be able to set themselves up for a successful future – leveraging what they know in ... Read More

Employee Satisfaction and Employee Loyalty – An Introduction

Customer loyalty is a well-known part of good business practice. Companies invest countless dollars trying to ensure that their customers are happy and willing to invest a great deal of their own hard earned dollars ... Read More

Survey Quotas

Survey quotas allow you to gather a specific number of responses or responses that only meet certain conditions. A quota also specifies an action to perform after it has been met. For example, you can ... Read More

Advanced Survey Logic

We’re excited to announce SurveyMethods’ latest release – Advanced Survey Logic! This includes various new functionalities and enhancements to our skip logic module. Now you can customize the flow of your survey based on answers ... Read More

5 Tips for Improving Your Survey Research Response Rate

Survey research is the most valuable form of data collection for businesses. It gives you numbers that you can use to affect business strategy, whether it is information on a new path to take with ... Read More

How to Improve Your Response Rate for a Customer Defection Survey

Market research on current and prospective clients is useful. It helps tell you where to direct your business and what steps to take to reach the best audience. This research is extremely useful for figuring ... Read More

Thoughts on Employee Satisfaction and Salary Jobs

Most companies pay their employees via a fix payment salary system. Employees are expected to work 40+ hours a year, and during that time they receive a fixed salary of $XXXXX dollars that is associated with ... Read More

The 3 Basic Ways to Increase Profits Through Customers and Customer Relationships

There is no such thing as a business that can support itself independently. Businesses need customers to succeed, and they need to find the best way to reach and profit from each of those customers. ... Read More

Customer Loyalty to the Employee Over the Company – A Thought

Customer satisfaction surveys and customer loyalty surveys are both designed to measure how current customers and clients view the company. For market researchers, this information helps decide the effectiveness of various customer service campaigns, product ... Read More

Loyalty and Word Of Mouth Marketing – Are They Synonymous?

One of the reasons that customer loyalty is considered such a valuable commodity is the idea of word-of-mouth marketing. Essentially, companies believe that a loyal customer is one that is spreading the value of the ... Read More

What Can We Make of Contradictory Satisfaction Studies?

Customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction are two important aspects of maintaining a good business. Each have shown benefits in terms of revenue and sustainability, and both are known to be important parts of successful companies. ... Read More

How to Sample Students for a Nationwide Survey

Continuing with Basic Concepts of Sample Design for Educational Survey Research by the International Institute for Educational Planning, we get to one of the toughest aspects of survey research – finding an accurate sample from clusters ... Read More

CRM and Social Networking – An Introduction Part 2

Earlier we explained how social media and CRM are connected, because they are both designed to build connections and maintain relationships. Yet most businesses run their CRM campaigns incorrectly on social networking sites, letting their ... Read More

CRM and Social Networking – An Introduction Part 1

At its core, customer relationship management is about creating a mutually beneficial partnership and friendship with customers and clients. While the ultimate goal of CRM is to bring in revenue for the company, the actual ... Read More

Do Businesses Limit Themselves Too Much?

Recently I had a thought about the way businesses operate now compared to how they operated in the past. Not long ago, companies were primarily manufacturers. They’d develop machines or parts or food, and ... Read More

The Value of a Long Term Customer – A Real Life Example

Most businesses understand that customer retention is important. Although there is some debate over the value of all loyal customers, at the very least all businesses and market researchers recognize that losing customers is bad ... Read More