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Survey Metrics

Surveys are powerful tools. They supply your company or organization with an objective way to analyze feelings, beliefs, and more. They can drive decisions, reach your target audience, and be customized in a way that could possibly brand your services … Read More

Workplace Survey

Customers may drive your business, but it’s your employees that ensure everything is running smoothly. You can create the best products or services available, but if your employees aren’t satisfied or working as efficiently as possible, you aren’t going to … Read More

360 Degree Survey – What is a 360 Degree Survey

Traditional performance appraisals are inherently biased. Usually one or two managers come together and rate an employee based on their subjective views of the employee or their belief of what a “good score” is. One employee may receive rave reviews … Read More

Online Survey Software to Monitor Your Outsourced Service Staff

Today’s economy has been a considerable challenge for companies both large and small. In an effort to reduce costs, many businesses have begun outsourcing less vital services to other countries, in an effort to reduce labor costs and increase ROI. … Read More

Online Employee Surveys – What do they Address?

There is no better way to get to the heart of your employees than by using an employee survey. Employers often overestimate the honesty level of their staff. No one wants to be the person that paints the company in … Read More

Multilingual Surveys – Creating Surveys in Any Language

SurveyMethods’ survey software supports creating surveys in any language using the Language Pack feature. This feature allows you to create multilingual surveys, and customize the language in your survey to a language of your choice. For new surveys, in the “Create Survey” … Read More

How Web Survey Software Can Help You Improve Website Performance

Evaluating customer satisfaction and customer experience can be tricky. Traditionally companies used to send out mailers to anyone that likely used a person’s company with a survey and a free coupon if they managed to get some type of response, … Read More

Human Resource Surveys

Surveys are associated primarily with market research and trying to understand the needs of the customer. But businesses that also engage employees and try to find insight into the company itself are also giving themselves an advantage over the competition. … Read More

Twitter Surveys – How to Post Your Surveys on Twitter?

Posting your surveys on Twitter is a great way to reach your online audience. SurveyMethods’ Twitter integration makes it easy to tweet your surveys on Twitter and gather opinions and feedback from your followers. After you have created your survey, … Read More

Customer Feedback Surveys: The Best Way to Measure Customer Satisfaction

You have a business that caters to customers. While you can try to guess what your customers like, there is no substitute for customer feedback – the only way to learn what you need to do to strengthen relationships, boost … Read More

Facebook Surveys – How to Post Your Surveys on Facebook?

Want to know what people think of your company and services? Then, what better way to find out that than through Facebook! Facebook is one of the most popular channels to connect with people who matter the most to your … Read More

Retail Industry Customer Satisfaction Survey

The retail industry – including groceries and other in-person shopping experiences – is entirely dependent on a steady flow of customers. Retail has very small markups, and in order to make a profit, you have to be selling a lot … Read More

Web Survey Software

Technology has advanced considerably in recent decades, and with those advancements come new twists to old business practices. Surveys have long been the primary research tool of companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. With customer satisfaction surveys, employee exit … Read More

Patron Satisfaction Survey: Measuring Patron Satisfaction at Restaurants

Running a restaurant is a lot like running any other type of business. While the work may be more service-oriented, the truth is that the customer experience matters – and it matters a lot. In fact, with the popularity of … Read More

Training Evaluation Survey – Benefits of a Post-Training Evaluation Survey

Many companies value experience. But experience is only as useful as the training that has gone into it. Years of experience mean nothing if the employee isn’t familiar with the next steps, and your training program is the only way … Read More

Online Survey Software for Events or Product Launches

Perceptions change over time. What someone feels in the moment may not be how they feel months down the road, and the more time that passes the harder it is to truly gauge what people remembered, felt, thought, etc. As … Read More

Training Survey

Training surveys are a popular way to find out if a training program was effective. It is designed to assess the usefulness of the training program, not just in terms of what goes on in the program, but also what … Read More

What is Customer Satisfaction and How to Create Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Are your customers happy? Want to know what they think about you? Ask them! Customer satisfaction is the key to long-term success for your business. If your customers aren’t happy, you will lose them to competitors and lose out on … Read More

Seminar Evaluation Survey – How to Ensure Successful Seminars With Survey Research

Seminars are a common way to disseminate information. But how do you know that that information is being relayed effectively? What are you using to evaluate the seminar and ensure that it’s getting the message across effectively? Seminar evaluation surveys … Read More

Restaurant Satisfaction Survey

Human beings prefer to avoid confrontation. We have little desire to make people feel bad, or say negative things when there is no incentive to do so. So it’s no wonder that so many people lie to their waiters at … Read More