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Customer Survey Satisfaction – Do You Know How Your Customers Feel?

Running a successful business is not about your products and services. It’s about your customers. The “Pet Rock” managed to make over $15,000,000 in its short time on store shelves because something about it appealed to customers, while several ingenious … Read More

Market Research Surveys: How to Conduct Online Market Research

Market research survey is a powerful tool, and one of the best ways to make sure that you’re creating products and services that are tailored to your most competitive market. As a company, you want to make sure that you’re … Read More

Online Survey Building Software – Powerful, User Friendly, and Free

SurveyMethods’ survey building software provides a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate environment to build and design professional online surveys in minutes. Using our survey software, you can launch your surveys easily and quickly, deploy them via email or web, or integrate them … Read More

Education Surveys: Measuring Parent and Student Satisfaction With Schools

Both private and public schools are businesses. While they may receive different types of funding affected by numerous factors, the goal of any educational program is to educate children so that they can succeed as they grow older – and … Read More

Benefits of Web Survey Software for Life Coaches

Life coaching is a fast growing field, and one that is still learning new ways to help clients. In many ways, each life coach operates independently, discovering their own tools and resources to help them with their clients. Many life … Read More

Web Survey Software to Evaluate Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is a delicate industry. Most businesses engage in some form of social media these days – whether it’s a Facebook page, a Twitter page, or a LinkedIn profile – because in addition to social signals now playing … Read More

What is Customer Experience (CX)

How an individual experiences your business is an important part of whether or not you’ll create and retain a potential customer. Right from purchasing a product to the post-purchase experience, everything plays a role in customer experience. Companies that ensure … Read More

Market Research Tools – Types of Market Research Tools for Businesses

Market research is the key to creating products and services that meet the needs of the consumer. But there is more than one way to perform this type of research. The following are some of the most common market research … Read More

Market Research

Market research is crucial for any business that wants to grow in its market presence. Your role as a company is to connect to the customer, and in order to do that you need to understand your market, and what … Read More

Customer Service: A Critical Part of Any Product

Customers demand it. Companies say they offer it. It is customer service, which more and more organizations are discovering as a critical element in their overall success, especially with increasing global competition for customers and sales. Customer Service depends on the Customer Being Served … Read More

IT Survey

Your IT department handles a lot of work, often directly with your customers. Because they represent the knowledge base of your company, it’s sometimes hard to understand how they’re doing, how customers are interacting with them, and whether or not … Read More

Online Survey Tools

Online survey tools are by far the most valuable form of data collection currently available. Online surveys save time and money, and have several valuable uses that can help businesses or research organizations collect the data they need to succeed. … Read More

Free Online Surveys

SurveyMethods provides one of the most comprehensive online survey software tools for creating online surveys and questionnaires. It is easy to use and has a wide array of features that makes for a hassle-free surveying experience for users. You can … Read More

Customer Surveys – How to Create Effective Online Customer Surveys

Customer surveys are an excellent way to reach out to your customers and gather valuable feedback about your company, products, or services. Experts believe that if customers feel involved in the critical aspects of your business, it will help boost … Read More

Free Online Survey Software

If you are looking for a cost-effective tool to run your online surveys, SurveyMethods’ free survey software can help you meet your survey and research needs. It is easy to use, and offers great customizable features without breaking your budget. … Read More

Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions and Templates

Customers are at the heart of every business’s success regardless of the industry. In today’s competitive business environment, achieving high customer satisfaction scores is difficult. Having said so, businesses need to make customer experience and satisfaction their top priority to improve business … Read More

Web Survey Software to Manage Your Hiring Process

Web survey software is not a new tool. It’s been the most common way to analyze both employee and customer satisfaction data for a while, and is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your company is geared … Read More

Car Dealership Customer Satisfaction Survey

When people think about “great customer service”, they rarely think about car dealerships. Car dealerships are known for how little they care about the customer, not how much. It’s not uncommon to leave a dealership feeling you’ve been cheated even … Read More

Doctor’s Office Satisfaction Survey

Doctor’s office satisfaction surveys are a very useful tool for measuring the satisfaction levels in patients. Periodic doctor’s office satisfaction surveys can be extremely helpful to know if your patients are happy with the quality of service and care you … Read More

How to Use Online Surveys in Recruitment

Online survey software is a powerful data collection tool – a program that you can use to gather data into databases and analyze it accordingly. And one industry that deals with a considerable amount of data is the recruitment industry. … Read More