Benefits of Web Survey Software for Life Coaches

Life coaching is a fast growing field, and one that is still learning new ways to help clients. In many ways, each life coach operates independently, discovering their own tools and resources to help them with their clients.

Many life coaches use surveys, but not enough use quality web survey software. The right type of software is crucial for making sure that you are able to assist others, and choosing the wrong bargain software may hurt your business, and your client.

Web Survey Software Features for Life Coaches

Life coaches generally use surveys to help clients learn more about themselves. While the survey is, in theory, a tool for the coach as well (since they receive more information that helps them with the client) the most common role of the survey is to give the client the opportunity to find out more about how they think, what they feel, their values, and more. But to truly offer the best experience for your clients, you need to also make sure that your survey software has features that can benefit both of you. That’s why the right web survey software is so important. Imagine how much better your life coaching practice could be if you were also able to offer:
  • Live Reports

    Web survey software that has been equipped with live online reports accessible by both you and the client can be immensely valuable. You can track progress, show the client’s feelings about various subjects, and more. Live reports make it more engaging, and help your client see where they stand with their goals and their emotions.

  • Regular Updates

    Surveys should also be easily customizable for each potential client. With easy-to-use and affordable web survey software, you can customize a survey for each client, and send it to them whenever you need to. It also allows you to get reports on the client even when they’re not with you, and reminds them to stay focused on their goals.

  • Email Alerts

    Quality web survey software should also have an email alert feature. If one of your clients is in desperate need of assistance and fills out one of the surveys in a way that shows they need help, you can receive an instant email alert set up specifically for that type of answer and call them to make sure that they’re okay.

You can already imagine all the ways that these features, along with the many other features of web survey software, can benefit your life coaching practice. Life coaches live and die by the success of their clients, and the tools they use affect that success. Great online survey software can be the difference between success and failure, and that’s why life coaches should strongly consider a program like SurveyMethods for all of their survey needs.