Car Dealership Customer Satisfaction Survey

When people think about “great customer service”, they rarely think about car dealerships. Car dealerships are known for how little they care about the customer, not how much. It’s not uncommon to leave a dealership feeling you’ve been cheated even if you bought a great car for a great price, because the process to sell a car is aimed at making you feel like you’re caught up in a scam.

But if you run a car dealership, that’s a problem. Even though there is some advantage to being able to “trick” people out of their money, the truth is that an unhappy customer is still an unhappy customer, which means that they’re more likely to give your car dealership a bad review, less likely to come back, and even less likely to recommend you to others.

Customer Satisfaction and Car Dealers

Customer satisfaction surveys may not be a common part of your car dealership business, but it should be, because your customers are the future of your business. It’s crucial that you are able to successfully win them over, and make sure that when they – or anyone they know – need a new car, they turn to you. When you run a customer satisfaction survey, you can find:
  • Sales Superstars: Which is a better salesperson? The person that sells the car for the most money, or the person that sells the car so well that the customer recommends your cars to a friend? Customer satisfaction surveys are the only way to know that you’re selling to the right people.
  • Customer Loyalty: Customer satisfaction surveys can give you an idea of customer loyalty. You can find out whether or not the customer is likely to come to your shop again, and track what you can do to improve future transactions.
  • Sales Experience Improvements: Most car dealers use the same basic strategies to sell to customers, including the “talking to the manager” trick, the tricks of the trade, and so on. But are those the best strategies? The only way to know is to measure it.

Customer satisfaction surveys are an auto dealer’s dream, and since car customers tend to respond well to the idea of a car dealership actually caring about what they think, you may be improving your relationship with your customers simply by running the surveys.

No car dealer should limit themselves to traditional marketing and business operations methods, and with the right customer satisfaction survey, you may be able to find the right trick to improve your business dramatically.

You want people to walk away from your company feeling as though they got a great car for a great deal and that they were happy to work with your company. If they find out they bought a car for a bit extra, you want them to feel like it was a part of business – not because you tried to cheat them. You want to make sure that your customers are always happy.