Doctor’s Office Satisfaction Survey

Doctor’s office satisfaction surveys are a very useful tool for measuring the satisfaction levels in patients. Periodic doctor’s office satisfaction surveys can be extremely helpful to know if your patients are happy with the quality of service and care you provide. In addition to the skills and effectiveness of doctors, staff also play an essential role in patient satisfaction, so, employee satisfaction too contributes towards improving patient satisfaction scores.

What Can You Find With Doctor’s Office Satisfaction Surveys

A well-designed doctor’s office satisfaction survey lets doctors measure patients’ experience and provide valuable tips to enhance patient satisfaction. The American Medical News reports, “Keeping patients happy should be a practice priority because it can play a part in earning quality pay and persuading patients to come back and refer the practice to others.”
These are the factors that play a vital role in patient satisfaction:
  • The doctor’s knowledge and expertise
  • The doctor’s ability to listen to the concerns of the patient, make the correct diagnosis, explain and empathize, and provide effective treatment
  • Their interactions and experience with the physician and healthcare team, and the quality of care and services they receive
  • The skills, courtesy, and friendliness of the healthcare staff, medical technicians, nurses, and receptionists
  • Ease of scheduling appointments, simple patient check-in/check-out procedures, easy billing and payment methods, staff attentiveness, etc.
  • The willingness of patients to recommend you to their friends and family

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