Education Surveys: Measuring Parent and Student Satisfaction With Schools

Both private and public schools are businesses. While they may receive different types of funding affected by numerous factors, the goal of any educational program is to educate children so that they can succeed as they grow older – and a major part of that education relates directly to how both children and parents see the school.

A school that doesn’t have high “customer satisfaction” (in this case, student and parent satisfaction), is a school where the students aren’t excited to learn, the parents aren’t encouraging their kids to try, and neither are willing to go out of their way to help the school to succeed.

Improving Your School with Education Surveys

From an educational standpoint, a school that doesn’t satisfy parents or children is a problem. Dissatisfaction among parents and students can cause:
  • Low participation
  • Decrease in funding
  • Poor word of mouth

Low satisfaction may also imply there is something your school is missing that it should be trying, such as better communication. It may also indicate there is something off in the teaching styles that may be affecting grades or student outcomes.

Customer satisfaction surveys” may seem like they do not have a place in the school system, but the truth is that the principles as defined by these surveys play a crucial role. If you want to get parent involvement, if you want to improve student outcomes, and if you want to be certain that your school is interacting with parents and students successfully, the best way to get that knowledge is with a modified customer satisfaction survey.

SurveyMethods’ Survey Options

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