Employee Questionnaires

Sending out an employee questionnaire is perhaps the best way to obtain honest and candid feedback from employees when it comes to finding out what they think about their jobs and the workplace. Anonymity is crucial to preparing an effective employee questionnaire because employees may not provide unbiased feedback unless they know that the survey is anonymous and there are no fears of reprisals. Properly constructed employee questionnaires provide information that can help you make appropriate changes that are vital to creating a happier and a more productive workplace.

How to Design Effective Employee Questionnaires

Whether it comes to creating an employee questionnaire for measuring employee satisfaction or conducting workplace analysis, our survey software makes creating an employee questionnaire extremely easy. You can create an employee questionnaire from scratch, or copy an existing employee questionnaire from our survey library and modify it to fit your needs.
  • Before you begin to design your questionnaire, determine the information you wish to elicit through your questionnaire to meet your objectives.
  • Ensure that the questionnaire is crisp and to the point.
  • Don’t ask questions that are embarrassing or intimidating.
  • Keep the language simple; avoid jargon.
  • Put the most important questions in the beginning of the questionnaire.
  • Determine the categories for your questionnaire (like job satisfaction, pay and benefits, teamwork, etc.) and group your questions accordingly.
  • Ask both closed-ended (for example “Yes” or “No” questions or questions that include fixed responses like “Strongly Agree”, “Disagree”, etc.) and open-ended questions (questions that have multiple answers or an open-text option), and understand when to include them in your survey.
  • Keep the layout simple.
  • Proofread the questionnaire for spelling, punctuation, and grammar.

Types of Employee Questionnaires

With SurveyMethods’ survey software tool, you can prepare an assortment of employee questionnaires such as:
  • Employee attitude questionnaire to assess the feelings or emotions of employees in the workplace.
  • Employee engagement survey questionnaire to analyze employee passion and commitment about their work, company, and coworkers.
  • Employee opinion questionnaire to know the beliefs or conclusions held by employees.
  • Employee satisfaction questionnaire to understand employees’ needs and wants within the workplace.
  • 360-Degree feedback questionnaire to evaluate employees from all viewpoints – supervisors, peers, subordinates, customers, vendors, and other external stakeholders.
  • Employee exit survey questionnaire to learn how to decrease the employee turnover rate and why employees exit your organization.