How Online Surveys Can Be Used in Marketing

Online survey software has many uses. But perhaps no department has as many potential uses for it as the marketing department. Marketing is all about information, and with well-designed surveys and online survey technology that can be customized for your needs, you’ll be able to see very real changes in your marketing campaigns.

So what kinds of surveys can marketing companies use? Some of them are exactly what you expect, and others may be surprisingly non-traditional ways to utilize this type of software.

Ways to Use Online Surveys in Marketing

  • General Market Research

    Of course, the most common reason to use online survey software is for market research. Market research is perhaps the most common use of this system, as you can run surveys against either your customers or the general population and find out what they like, what they dislike, how your products and services can saturate the market, and so on.

  • Marketing Research

    Similarly, you can research your own marketing, and use surveys as a tool to test various campaigns. For example, if you’re creating a new logo, you can connect the survey to images of the logo and see which ones people respond to best. You can also find out the effects of your marketing campaigns in terms of brand recognition, and possibly find out what your competitors are doing that you can take advantage of.

  • Survey as Marketing

    Of course, the survey itself could be more of a marketing trick. You can always create a survey that is easy or informative or “cool”, brand the survey well, and offer valuable discounts or deals for completion. This then drives people to your store and makes your company more memorable. While surveys are designed for research, many companies combine them both – researching while also offering incentives that improve store popularity.

Online Survey Software and Marketing

Of course, for all of this to be valuable, you also need to choose the right online survey program. Ideally, you need one that’s low cost to improve ROI, but capable enough to handle all of the different tactics your company will use to collect data.
SurveyMethods’ online survey software is perhaps the ideal tool for this type of research. It’s capable of handling any type of request yet affordable enough for companies on tight budgets. If you want to learn more about SurveyMethods, sign up for an account today.