How to Improve Patient Satisfaction Using Surveys

Customer satisfaction isn’t something that’s limited to Fortune 500 companies. It’s something that any business, large or small, will benefit from, and that includes those in the medical field.

Doctor’s offices are a business like any other. The more satisfied your patients are, the more they’ll keep coming back to you and recommend their friends. That’s why doctor’s offices should strongly consider patient satisfaction surveys – to gauge how well their offices are running.

Benefits of Patient Satisfaction Surveys for Doctors

From the time patients arrive at your office to the moment they leave to pick up their prescriptions; they meet several people, each one affecting the quality of their experience. They see the front desk clerk, the nurse, the doctor, and possibly several other staff members along the way. At any point they may experience:
  • Extensive wait times.
  • Rude customer service.
  • Confusion over the medical visit, and the likes.

Yet at no point during the process will you be able to evaluate these experiences. It’s nearly impossible to know if the patient felt that their needs were met or has any confidence that they’ll be successfully treated. It’s difficult to gauge if they were treated fairly. It’s even harder to know where they had the most stress. You can answer all these questions by regularly sending a customer satisfaction survey for doctors through SurveyMethods. This survey is sent to patients immediately after a visit, and is used to evaluate every component of the satisfaction process.

There are many benefits to this type of survey, including:

  • Better Business – Running a patient satisfaction survey allows you to learn more about your patients so you can start to improve your doctor’s office as a business. Excellent medical treatment is important, but if you hope to be competitive, you also need to make sure you’re making smart business choices.
  • Medical Help – One of the most forgotten reasons to run this type of survey is that it allows you to improve patient satisfaction, and when your patients are more satisfied they are not only more likely to come back to your practice – they are more likely to come to you when they feel sick. Avoiding doctors is an unfortunate part of today’s culture. But if the doctor has an outstanding practice, patients are more likely to seek help when they need it.
  • Follow Up – Finally, patient satisfaction surveys give you some way to follow up with your patients as well. While you may not want to include personal information, you can provide fields for patients that do not feel that their treatments are working or may need additional aid, as well as point them in the direction of important resources and, perhaps most importantly, let them know that you value them as a patient.

Customer satisfaction surveys have real value for doctors and hospitals that are looking for an effective way to make sure their practice is succeeding. With SurveyMethods advanced survey software, your company will be able to operate these surveys for a nominal cost, using tools that are proven effective for evaluating and improving patient satisfaction. Sign up today for your SurveyMethods account.