How to Use Online Surveys in Recruitment

Online survey software is a powerful data collection tool – a program that you can use to gather data into databases and analyze it accordingly. And one industry that deals with a considerable amount of data is the recruitment industry. That’s because every component of an application – from the resume to the cover letter to the candidate information – is data. It’s not only data – it’s data used to drive decisions. That’s exactly what online survey software was designed for.

How Recruitment Companies Can Use Online Survey Software

Recruitment companies represent a business, and as with any business, there is always a need for online survey software for customer satisfaction research, employee research, and so on. In addition, recruitment companies can use surveys to:
  • Add Applicant Steps

    Self-selection is an important part of recruitment. Self-selection is when applicants show something about themselves by applying/not applying for a job. You want hard workers that really want to be employed by an organization. Making them fill out some type of survey beforehand can have a powerful effect on the quality of applicants you receive, as the less interested or less hard working applicants will stay away.

  • Ask Better Questions

    Surveys allow you to ask better questions than a traditional resume and cover letter, in some cases providing you with more information that you can use to match the employer with an employee. You can ask interview questions, questions related to a specific position, questions to get to know someone’s work history or personality, and so on. You can learn a lot more than what you receive in a traditional application.

  • Run Analyses

    You can also run analyses on the information you receive. Everything will go into one big dataset, and you can monitor that dataset live or in a data entry program and/or run analyses to find applicants that meet very specific needs.

  • Update Alerts

    With the SurveyMethods online survey software program, you can set up email alerts that will notify you of specific types of responses. For example, let’s say you have a specific role to fill at a company that works with tablet PCs, but you’re running a survey that’s open to any applicant for any position. You can add a question that says “have you worked with tablet PC production?” and, if they answer yes, you can be notified immediately with an email – thus improving your turnaround time with applicants.

There is simply no denying how valuable this type of software can be for those that run recruitment companies – even beyond the traditional uses of online survey software. Recruitment companies can often find creative and interesting ways to use the SurveyMethods program – all they have to do is use a little bit of imagination.

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