HR Questionnaires

A questionnaire is the most important part of the survey process and requires attention to detail. Designing an effective HR questionnaire is important if you want to gather employee opinions on issues like job satisfaction, management effectiveness, pay and benefits, and the likes. This will help you make decisions for improving your human resource processes.

Design Effective HR Questionnaires with SurveyMethods

With our survey software tool, it is very easy to design human resource questionnaires and gather candid feedback from your employees. You can choose from the different templates from our survey library or create your own. Using our survey tool, you can:
  • Create an HR questionnaire in minutes.
  • Choose from our comprehensive set of question types.
  • Add your logo and brand your HR survey.
  • Apply basic or graphical presentation styles.
  • Set up your survey to not serve questions that don’t apply to a section of your participants using our skip logic feature.
  • Make your questions mandatory, provide instructional texts for questions, insert, edit, reorganize, and delete questions, and more.
  • Configure additional settings like horizontal/vertical display of answer choices, and display of answer choices in random order.

HR questionnaires are a great way to gather insightful data from your employees because the feedback will help you in effective decision-making to make your workplace more productive and positive. However, you need to ensure anonymity when you send out an HR questionnaire, as employees will rarely provide you with unbiased and candid feedback unless they are certain that their responses will be confidential. Using our survey software, you can set up your survey to collect responses anonymously. Additionally, you can insert the anonymous seal on the survey so that employees are assured about the anonymity of the survey.

HR Questionnaire Templates

You can choose from a plethora of in-built HR questionnaire templates from our survey library to get started. All the templates can be customized to meet your specific needs.

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