IT Survey Questionnaire enables you to create professional IT survey questionnaires into your HR, Helpdesk, CRM, or ERP systems using our easy to use API (Application Programming Interface) so surveys can be automatically sent out to internal or external clients. This enables organizations to gather feedback and measure satisfaction, loyalty and other critical metrics.

Below are some of the business processes where you can integrate surveys into to obtain feedback from your internal or external clients:

IT Helpdesk Survey

When a helpdesk ticket is closed, your help desk system can automatically connect to the SurveyMethods API engine and send out surveys to your internal or external customers to obtain satisfaction ratings on how their issues were handled along with additional feedback. This data can then be used to improve your helpdesk service levels, rate service reps, develop performance dashboards, and develop metrics..

CRM Surveys

After sales reps connect with prospects or customers, your CRM system can automatically connect to the SurveyMethods API engine and send out surveys to further evaluate customer needs and obtain satisfaction data on their interaction with your organization. Use our workflow features to automatically route responses to relevant stakeholders and respond to prospects or customers.

ERP Surveys

Integrate surveys using the SurveyMethods API into any process within your ERP system to gather feedback or to even gather data to facilitate your business processes. Automatically send out surveys to customers after they place an order, and after they receive their shipments.

Human Resource Surveys

Send on-boarding surveys to employees soon after they join your organization and also survey employees exiting your organization to gather feedback to improve your workplace. Additionally, automatically send out surveys to new employees at specific milestones (i.e. 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, etc.).

Help Desk Ticket Integration

Integrating into your helpdesk system using our API (Application Programming Interface) is extremely easy and it enables you to gather data and generate reports on customer satisfaction on:

  • Each ticket
  • Support representatives and technicians
  • Product lines
  • Organizations and departments
  • Time periods

Automate It And Forget About It Using Our Application Programming Interface

Our Application Programming Interface (API) enables you to easily setup your system to communicate with to send out your IT survey questionnaires. The SurveyMethods API enables you to automate the entire process so you don’t have to manually send out your surveys. Once your respondents take your surveys, you can then generate your reports and email them out to key stakeholders.

IT Questionnaire Survey Templates

If you need to create an IT survey from scratch, then SurveyMethods’ survey software has 20 different question structures you can choose from. You can also apply presentation styles and brand your IT survey questionnaire to match your organizations colors and fonts.

Our Survey Technology makes the entire process of creating your survey and integrating it into your helpdesk system extremely easy. Our team will walk you through the integration process. Create reports with stunning graphs and charts, segment your data, and compare segments to each other. Additionally you can collaborate with your team, share your reports securely with each other, and also export your data to CSV, spreadsheet format, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF.