Patient Satisfaction Survey

Doctors may play a crucial role in our society, but they’re still a business like any other. With so many employees and so many expenses, a doctor (as well as a hospital, a dentist, etc.) needs to make sure that their entire office is geared towards the patient, who – like a customer – needs to have a good enough experience that they keep coming back for all of their medical needs.

Indeed, it’s not only a business need either. Satisfied patients are willing to come back before an illness gets out of hand, while unsatisfied patients may wait until the last possible moment when their health may be more at risk. Your patients need to be satisfied with your medical office, and that’s where patient satisfaction surveys come in.

What Can You Find With Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Patient satisfaction surveys are the best way to make sure that every single patient is leaving the office satisfied with their visit. It provides you with valuable information, including:
  • The customer service skills of your support staff
  • The confidence that the patient has with their assessment
  • The experience that the patient has the moment they come through the door
  • The willingness of the patient to recommend your services to others
  • The clarity with which you or your nurses explain the medical needs

Patient satisfaction may even tell you whether or not your diagnosis was correct and the problem is solved, because very few doctors or hospitals follow up with patients to make sure that they are successfully recovering.

Your medical practice needs satisfied patients in order to thrive, so that every appointment you have is kept filled and every patient you see is happy to come back when they need medical assistance. Currently there is no other way to collect that information beyond a patient satisfaction survey.

SurveyMethods and Patient Satisfaction

At SurveyMethods, we’ve developed a survey research tool that makes collecting data on survey satisfaction simple and easy. Our survey software is easy to use and run, so that you won’t have to deal with complicated coding or anything that takes up your valuable time. You can also create and monitor live updating reports to ensure that you’re always up to date with your patient’s answers, and you can use our software to track changes over time and see what your business may be doing to cause different responses. Sign up with SurveyMethods today to learn more about patient satisfaction surveys and gain insight into improving your quality of care and services.

Sample Survey Templates

With 20 different question types and attractive presentation styles, you can create professional looking surveys quickly and easily. You can also customize our sample survey templates to fit your needs.
  • Dental Office Evaluation: This survey is designed for dental offices to obtain feedback from patients on service levels, the receptionist, hygienist, doctor and more.
  • Doctor’s Office Evaluation: This survey is for doctors’ offices that wish to gather feedback from patients on their services, doctors and more.