Post-Project Customer Satisfaction Survey

Let’s say you’re a content writing company that has recently completed a large one-time project for a brand new client. You have turned in pages upon pages of writing, and now comes the waiting game. You want this client to come back and purchase more work, but you also know that writing requests can be infrequent – especially for smaller businesses. Once the project is over, you need two things:

  • A way of determining if they enjoyed the work.
  • A way of incentivizing them to come back.

You can find both these with a customized customer satisfaction survey. An adapted survey is a great tool for learning more about your clients, and can also be partially a marketing tool.

Uses of Post-Project Customer Satisfaction Surveys

In the above example, the customer would receive a customer satisfaction survey a few days after the project’s completion. They would fill it out and that information would quickly become part of the database. It would then be used for decision-making purposes for future projects. In addition to tabulating that data, you can also use it as an incentive for new work. For example, at the end of the survey you can offer a discount to the client, and indicate to them that projects of a certain size will receive X% off of their order.

This strategy allows you to combine marketing and survey research, all into one. The customer satisfaction survey aspect allows you to collect important data, while the marketing aspect cuts down on irritating sales emails and makes the customer feel as though they earned that discount. If they like your work, they are now more likely to come back.
Post-project surveys are only one example of the many ways that customer satisfaction surveys can be to your company’s benefit. If you’re ready to get started with these types of surveys, make sure you contact SurveyMethods today. Our survey software is designed to make your customer satisfaction surveys easily customizable, with data on secure servers and a cost that even the smallest businesses can afford. Contact SurveyMethods today to learn more, or sign up for a free account. For more on the value of a post-project survey, click here.