Satisfaction Survey for Mobile App Users

Mobile applications and technology are quickly becoming one of the largest industries in the world. More and more people are using their phones for all their needs, rarely using a computer or any type of downloadable PC software. Because of the switch to mobile applications, it’s becoming increasingly important for mobile developers to view their apps as a product in the marketplace, just like any other company. Before, someone with a bit of skilled know-how could create a one-of-a-kind application, and be lucky enough to have it take off. Now, mobile developers are large companies that are competing against thousands of others for consumers all over the world.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys for Mobile Consumers

In order for your business to stay competitive, you need to be sure that your company is appealing to customers. It’s not enough to look at download data or App Store reviews. It’s important that you go a step further, and make sure that you are creating not only satisfied customers, but loyal customers, and that you’re making updates that will keep them using your products in the future.
Customer satisfaction surveys are the best way to reach this goal, and thanks to iPhone App Programming, they’re easy to integrate.
  • Have some type of pop-up or notification to take a survey.
  • Provide some type of In-App incentive, like a free feature or “gold” in a game.
  • Let the button take app users to a specific customer satisfaction survey online.
  • Make the survey Internet-friendly.
  • Reward the app customers only after completion of the survey.

Customer satisfaction surveys for mobile app users are a great way to make sure that you’re involving your customers in your decisions with the application. It gives users more incentive to use the application, and in some cases, you may even find that you can gain valuable insight from the answers that they provide – insight that not even your developers may have imagined.

If you run any type of mobile application company, strongly consider satisfaction surveys to determine customer experience with your mobile app. They are easily one of the most important tools for evaluating your product. Contact SurveyMethods today to find out more about our customer satisfaction survey software options, or sign up today for a free trial.