Online Survey Building Software – Powerful, User Friendly, and Free

SurveyMethods’ survey building software provides a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate environment to build and design professional online surveys in minutes. Using our survey software, you can launch your surveys easily and quickly, deploy them via email or web, or integrate them with social networking sites. Our powerful reporting features help you create reports with stunning graphs and charts, and analyze data in real time.

The key features of our survey building software include:

Create a Survey

Create a new survey, or copy and modify an existing survey to save time and get started quickly. You can also copy a survey from the survey library and modify it according to your organization’s needs.

Create Online Surveys Using Survey Software

Make Your Survey Anonymous

You can make your survey anonymous and protect the privacy of your respondents. When you make a survey anonymous, the setting is permanent for that survey and cannot be changed.

Anonymous Online Surveys

Brand Your Survey

Brand your survey by adding your company’s logo. This will give your survey a professional look, and make it more engaging to respondents. 

Brand Your Survey Using our Survey Software

Add Skip Logic

Skip logic allows you to show or hide specific questions from respondents based on their previous responses, skip subsequent pages, or end the survey based on certain conditions.

Add Skip Logic Conditions to Your Survey

Create a Survey in Any Language

You can create your survey in any language. The survey language pack feature allows you to customize your default survey messages like button texts, error messages, and other messages in any language.  

Create a Survey in Any Language Using SurveyMethods' Survey Software

Insert New Questions

SurveyMethods provides you with 20 different question types for designing your surveys. Every time you want to add new questions to your survey or edit existing questions, you can choose from the different question types that include choice-based questions, matrix questions, open-ended questions, and others.

Choose From 20 Different Question Types to Insert Questions Into Your Survey


Apply Presentation Styles

Make your survey visually appealing to respondents by choosing from our basic and graphical presentation styles. You can customize your survey by changing the background color, border color, and the font styles to match your organization’s brand, or choose from several predesigned styles to make your survey stand out.

Apply Presentation Styles to Make Your Surveys Stand Out

Edit Questions

You can edit your survey questions using the Full Question Edit feature. For this you can utilize the question editor that has all the question-editing features. However, if you quickly want to edit your question text and answer options, you can use our Quick Edit feature.

Edit Survey Questions Using the Quick Edit Feature


Page-Related Features

Our survey software offers different interactive page-related features by allowing you to add, delete, move, and copy your survey pages, insert a page break, and more.

Add, Delete, or Copy Survey Pages Using SurveMethods' Survey Software

Question-Related Features

Using our survey building software, you can perform different question-related functions that will enable you to delete, move, and copy your survey questions, and more.

Delete, Move, and Copy Survey Questions Using SurveyMethods' Survey Software



SurveyMethods’ survey software allows you to spell check your entire survey and change the width of your survey.

Survey Software Width and Spell Check FeatureUsing these features, you can design professional online surveys and quetionnaires in minutes. Visit SurveyMethods today to know more about our survey building software, or sign up for an account today.