Tech Support Satisfaction Survey

While technology has improved dramatically in the past decade, one thing that remains the same is the need for quality tech support. There are always going to be individuals that struggle with either your product/service or the product and service of others, and the ability to provide quality support may be the difference between saving a customer and losing a customer.

Yet very few organizations measure the quality of their tech support staff and service. Most simply expect that if they hire the right people, their tech support will be good enough to help them compete. Measuring the quality of your tech staff is crucial, and that’s why a tech support satisfaction survey is so valuable.

Why a Tech Support Satisfaction Survey

Imagine a customer calls your tech support to fix issues with their laptop. The support staff offers friendly, knowledgeable service and the customer is satisfied. Then another customer calls the same staff member and asks for help with a smartphone. The same tech person provides support, but it’s not helpful or not delivered the same way, and the customer is upset.

Most companies in this scenario believe that the staff member was either unfairly treated by the customer or struggled to provide good customer service. But, without measuring satisfaction, there is no way to know. However, if you run a tech support satisfaction survey, you can find:

  • Trends: It’s possible that the staff member is simply less knowledgeable in smartphones than laptops, and consistently gives worse service for smartphones because of poor training.
  • Support Staff: Some staff members are bound to give better support than others. With a tech support satisfaction survey, you can find out who they are and whether or not it changes over time. You can also monitor them live on the web with SurveyMethods, so that you can compare and contrast daily, weekly, monthly, and more.
  • Data: Surveys provide you with useable data that can be analyzed to learn much more about your business. You can learn about how well products are supported, how many customers are coming away unhappy, how to measure success in your organization, and more. You can even learn what the majority of calls are about and whether or not there is information that may affect you on a company-wide level.

Tech support satisfaction surveys allow you to create metrics to analyze staff, develop training manuals, monitor progress, and so much more. SurveyMethods also has a feature that can email you immediately with a negative response about a support staff member, and you can then follow up with that customer quickly and try to save the call. If you’re interested in starting your own tech support satisfaction survey, sign up for an account with SurveyMethods today, and see all of the features we have that make these surveys such valuable tools for your organization.