Web Survey Software to Evaluate Social Media Campaigns

Social media marketing is a delicate industry. Most businesses engage in some form of social media these days – whether it’s a Facebook page, a Twitter page, or a LinkedIn profile – because in addition to social signals now playing a role in search engine optimization, social media allows you to start a relationship with your customers and showcase a personality for clients to bond with.

Using social media you get a chance to market yourself as a person and as a company, and connect to people directly in a way that previous marketing tactics often failed to do effectively. While many companies have embraced the idea of social media marketing, very few actually give it any oversight. They hire someone with experience to run one of their social media platform, but they do not necessarily find out whether or not the social media campaign is actually working – or if it connects with the potential customers the way the company hopes it will.

Evaluating Your Social Media Campaigns Easily

Luckily, the one thing that all social media has in common is access to the Internet, and that means that you can easily find out if your social media is working using web survey software.
Web survey software allows you to create survey links that potential customers can access at any time. You can share them on your social media accounts, and request that followers provide you with feedback about your social media campaign. Because social media is so personal, any time you have effective followers you are likely to get a lot of responses, and then you can genuinely see if the campaign is working.
This type of research can have some very important benefits. It tells you what your company is doing well with their outreach, what they’re doing poorly, and much more. Since social media represents your company like a person, these surveys give you a chance to make sure that you’re really connecting, as well as provide you with warning signs if your company is turning off potential buyers – possibly leading to worse PR.

Create and Manage a Survey

With the right web survey software, you can create and customize Facebook surveysTwitter surveys, and more, and share them on your pages to encourage your visitors and followers to answer. With SurveyMethods, you can also monitor the responses live with online reports so that the online marketer’s actions can be traced back to the time period they occurred.
Social media marketing is likely to play a significant role both now and in the future. With web survey software like SurveyMethods, you’ll be able to make sure that your marketing tactics are representing your business the way you expect them to. Sign up today for a free account.