Web Survey Software to Manage Your Hiring Process

Web survey software is not a new tool. It’s been the most common way to analyze both employee and customer satisfaction data for a while, and is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your company is geared towards gaining and maintaining customers. But web survey software has so many different uses in the organization that if you have access to quality survey software, you should strongly consider multiple different ways to use it.

Online Surveys and Hiring

One of the best examples is the hiring process. There are surveys that can be used at each stage in the hiring pipeline, and well-developed surveys can help ensure that you are able to create some of the best hiring procedures/practices and not only find great employees, but make sure they’re off on the right path. For example:
  • Recruitment Survey

    It starts with a recruitment survey. Rather than settle for just a resume and cover letter, you can also have applicants fill out a survey with answers to important questions. With SurveyMethods, you can also set up the system to flag the responses you’re looking for and send you an email that notifies you to contact that applicant.

  • New Hire Surveys

    Once you have decided to hire the applicant, you can then use web survey software to ask them about their experience through the recruitment process. Did they think they were treated fairly? Did they understand the job and the questions? Do they seem prepared? How do they feel about their pay and benefits? There are many questions you can ask that can help you make sure your hiring process is being well run.

  • Post-Training Surveys

    You can also gauge the preparedness of the applicant once their training is over and they are ready for the job. Perhaps you find that once the training is over the applicant has no idea how to do their job, and that means that there is a problem with training (or recruitment, depending on the problem). These types of surveys can be immensely valuable, and possibly inform you of future problems with productivity and training quality.

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Assessing Employees Before They Begin

Web survey software allows you to assess every part of your business, and that includes the moment that an employer decides they want to hire for an open position. Any company, regardless of size, can benefit from integrating these types of surveys and this type of software into their daily business practices, and will find that quickly they start to gain valuable information on their company.
If you’re interested in trying web survey software for yourself, make sure you sign up for an account with SurveyMethods today.