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Thoughts on Incentives – Could Choosing an Incentive Help Increase Response Rates?

One of the problems that most companies run into when they perform their research is response rate, because respondents are often inundated with surveys and see no need to fill out this information for what amounts to no benefit to them. … Read More

Adding a Logo to your Survey

We have enhanced the Add Logo feature! Now you can resize your logo image and preview how it will look like before applying it to your survey. How to Add a Logo. Log in to your SurveyMethods account. Go to My Surveys >> Design. Click the Add Logo button. Browse to locate and select the logo from your computer, and click Upload. … Read More

Limit Number of Answer Choices

If you need to place a limit on the total number of answer choices respondents can select, use the “Limit Number of Answer Choices” feature. Let’s take an example: Q. What are your reasons for purchasing a smartphone? … Read More

How to Use Twitter to Improve Employee Satisfaction

You can have employees bookmark your Twitter page or create work-only accounts and suddenly Twitter becomes more than a piece of social media. It becomes a news-board that is informative to all employees and can go a long way to improve employee morale and satisfaction. All through a simple platform that won’t take much time to use. … Read More

How to Use Twitter to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Now that customer satisfaction is a priority for businesses, companies are looking for ways to directly address customer satisfaction needs. One idea that experts have put forth is integrating Twitter into the customer satisfaction process, utilizing the social media tool to gain access to customers. … Read More

Introduction to Surveys for Human Resources

Introduction to Surveys for Human Resources

Customer research is not the only way that surveys can be used to improve your company. You can also use surveys to better understand your employees. While there are some experts that disagree in some aspects of employee research, one thing is clear – your employees make your company successful. … Read More

SurveyMethods Now Integrates with 1,000+ Web Applications via Zapier

Every business requires and employs several different applications for setting up their workflows. In fact, the average business uses between 10 and 16 apps. You have your email apps, CRMs, helpdesks, note-taking tools, cloud storage tools, team communication apps, project management tools, and various to-do lists. … Read More

How to Improve Your Response Rate for a Customer Defection Survey

Market research on current and prospective clients is useful. It helps tell you where to direct your business and what steps to take to reach the best audience. This research is extremely useful for figuring out how to best reach your market and what you can be doing to improve your standing in the economy. … Read More

How to Get People to Volunteer Personal Information

Data helps you make decisions. Advertisers pay millions of dollars every year for data on potential customers, using meta data provided by Google, data collectors, and more in order to figure out how to target their advertisements to those that … Read More

How to Use Surveys for Project Collaboration

Large projects that involve a number of different individuals or departments can be hard to manage, especially if you are overseeing the project or you need to keep up to date on where others are on progress. … Read More

How Can Doctors Use Surveys to Improve Patient Satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction surveys are a common and important part of the modern day business. But not every company uses them, and part of that is because not every company sees themselves as a business. One industry where “customer” satisfaction is … Read More

Tips to Improve the Number of Questions on Each Page

It takes a lot of careful editing to improve your survey response rate. Survey best practices indicate that to improve response rate you need to limit scrolling in order to reduce work on the respondent. You do this by fitting … Read More

Why Publishing Reports Can Be Valuable

One of the features we offer here at SurveyMethods that we’re especially proud of is the ability to publish reports online for easy access. It’s a feature with a wide variety of uses, and one that very few other survey … Read More

15 Ways to Increase Survey Response Rates

Survey research is the most valuable form of data collection for businesses. It gives you numbers that you can use to affect business strategy, whether it is information on a new path to take with your product, feedback on a marketing campaign, or validation that your current techniques are meeting market needs. … Read More

How to Address the 4 Different Types of Loyal Customers

In a previous post, we discussed the 4 types of loyal customers as described by Werner Reinartz and V.Kumar in their article, “The Mismanagement of Loyalty.” The authors described four types of customers that may show up as “loyal” customers: … Read More

Can Customer Surveys Create Loyalty?

Experts in the field of customer satisfaction and market research are also looking for ways to improve customer loyalty. Many have theories about what builds loyalty and what doesn’t, and there are several loyalty related surveys that exist to help you figure out how to further enhance loyalty. … Read More

The 4 Types of Loyal Customers

Within the business world there has been a longstanding belief that customer loyalty is the most valuable way to improve your long term financial outlook. Many experts have argued that loyal customers bring in considerable revenue to a company, and … Read More

Benefits and Weaknesses of Matrix Questions

Lots of surveys use matrix questions. Matrix questions are blocks of questions with the question/statement on the side and the answer/scale on the top. They are the preferred choice of researchers that need to get multiple questions with the same scale to fit on a single page, and a common component of almost any survey software. … Read More

Benefits and Weaknesses of a Linear Rating Scale

There are many different ways to understand customer priorities. One way is known as a “linear rating scale.” It is a simple way of judging customer priorities using a basic and easy to understand scale that allows for quick and easy analysis. But like most ways of researching your market, it is not without its weaknesses. … Read More

How Customers Can Influence Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction, although extremely important, is not as easy to understand as simply reading a number and believing that your satisfaction methods are working. Experienced customer satisfaction researchers often understand how important it is for you to come up with a baseline that is specific to your company, and judge satisfaction by that number accordingly. … Read More