3 Types of Market Research That Benefit from Online Surveys

Market research is the key to being competitive. Intentionally or unintentionally, all companies engage in some type of market research. Even simply talking to customers about what they like is a form of market research in its own way. But of course, the more you are actively engaged in research-driven market research techniques, the more likely your company will have the information it needs to make smart decisions in today’s economy.

Market Research and Online Surveys

Surveys play an important role in market research because they are the simplest, most effective way to gather data on a large number of customers and obtain data that can be attributed to the larger population as a whole. Nearly every type of market research can use surveys. If you’ve signed up for an account with SurveyMethods, consider these 3 market research techniques using our online survey software.

  • Positioning Research: One of the most important strategies for building a brand is positioning research – your ability to see how the brand positions itself relative to competitors. You want to be at the top, but if you’re not at the top you want to be able to track how well your brand’s image is improving over time.
  • Concept Testing: With this, you’ll be able to determine how well a particular concept or idea will go over with consumers. Great for online panels. It can also be used in advertising research, such as testing which advertisement is favored by consumers.
  • Customer Satisfaction Research: Of course, at the heart of all market research surveys is customer satisfaction research, which is the most common and most effective way to find out what customers need, how they see your business, and more.

These market research techniques are only a minuscule amount of the available survey-related market research projects out there, because surveys, by their very nature, are a tool that is very effective at finding out everything you can about your customers and the market.

If you’re ready to start attempting more market research, and want an affordable online survey software platform to help you get there, sign up with SurveyMethods today. We have one of the most affordable, effective solutions for market research out there, and we’re confident that once you try our software, you’ll use it for all your great market research ideas.

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