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Capterra Top 20 for Survey Apr-20

SurveyMethods Named to Capterra’s Top 20 Survey Software List for 2020!

SurveyMethods scored highest among the top 20 for customer satisfaction based on customer reviews   Phoenix, AZ | April 30, 2020—SurveyMethods announced today that it has been named a Top 20 survey software product by Capterra, a free online service … Read More

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Cross Tabulation: What Is It And Why Should I Use It In My Survey Research?

Article Summary   Cross-tab charts and tables are used to understand the relationship between one or more segments in your survey data. Cross-tabs are an extremely powerful survey analysis tool since they allow you to quickly segment your data and … Read More

Six Ways Online Surveys Can Help Startups and Small Businesses

Article Summary Gathering feedback from customers, employees and other stakeholders is critical for any business, and that is especially true for a small business or startup whose company is evolving quickly. Deploying online surveys helps you understand your target audience, … Read More

3 Potential Problems of a Long Survey

While it would be useful if respondents put careful thought and consideration into each answer, the reality is that a long survey tends to yield less accurate results. On occasion, a long survey may be necessary, but there is also no denying that long surveys have an impact on your sample. Try to reduce the number of questions on a survey and you are far more likely to get accurate responses. … Read More

What are Question Randomizers and How are They Used?

Question randomizers are another tool that researchers use to enhance the quality of their survey design. As they name describes, question randomizers use a randomization algorithm to have a question appear at a random interval to the respondent. Sometimes randomizers may be used to display blocks of questions, while other times these randomizers may be used to randomize each and every question in the survey. … Read More

3 Ways Surveys Can Help You With Upsells

It costs a lot to acquire a new customer. That means that after a customer has been acquired, it’s important to find ways to get as much revenue as you can from that individual/company, so that you get a better … Read More

3 Types of Market Research That Benefit from Online Surveys

Market research is the key to being competitive. Intentionally or unintentionally, all companies engage in some type of market research. Even simply talking to customers about what they like is a form of market research in its own way. But … Read More

3 Possible Downsides to Great Incentives

When you run your survey, it is vital that you have a good response rate from your sample. The more responses you get the more valuable your data because a larger sample is always more valuable. In addition, the more people that skip your survey, the less valuable your data becomes, because it is possible that all of the people skipping your survey have a shared trait. … Read More

How Valuable Are Shorter Introductions?

Part of survey research best practices is the idea of creating a survey that a respondent can open and complete as quickly as possible, with as little impact on their life as the researcher can manage. This is primarily because very few people are happy to fill out surveys. Most do it either for the incentive or out of boredom, and a survey that looks too complex or long is likely to cause major survey dropout. … Read More

4 Possible Factors in Online Customer Satisfaction

Businesses understand the value of customer satisfaction. How a customer views products, services, customer service – all of these factor into how much the person appreciates the company and how likely they are to come back. But while companies value customer satisfaction, very few are looking at how to improve customer satisfaction online. Many companies do some or all of their business online, which means that your online customer satisfaction rate is an important factor in your long term success. … Read More

How Habituation Can Negatively Affect Your Survey Responses

Most researchers forget that things like boredom, anger, and other emotions can affect your survey’s data collection. When those in your sample are taking your survey, how they feel about your survey can badly affect your ability to receive useful data, and depending on how your survey is created, there may be other issues at play that affect your data collection. … Read More

How Supportive is Your Work Environment?

Employee retention is a crucial part of a healthy work environment. Employee satisfaction surveys regularly indicate that a key to quality satisfaction and productivity is your company’s ability to show support to your employees. … Read More

How to Conduct Positioning Research

Brand positioning research is a very powerful tool in the market research world. Brand positioning research is your opportunity to see how you stack up against your competitors, and – when taken over time – your opportunity to track if … Read More

3 Thoughts on How to Handle Employee Satisfaction Research in Small Companies

Employee satisfaction is a valuable tool. Yet some companies – especially larger companies – can get away with less satisfied employees , depending on how well they have streamlined the work process. Employee satisfaction is important, but the degree of satisfaction may not be vital to the success of some large organizations. … Read More

Qualitative Surveys Leading to Quantitative Surveys

Qualitative data can cause some serious issues with data collection and can easily lead to problems with how to interpret the results. For market researchers, that causes it to lose a lot of its value.But that certainly doesn’t mean that it always causes that problem, because what it can do is give you insight in a way that isn’t provided by quantitative surveys. … Read More

3 Reasons to Avoid Open-Ended Questions in Surveys

Open-ended questions, often referred to as qualitative research, are an interesting way to generate information. Rather than limit the user to the boxes provided, the individual completing the survey has the opportunity to expand on the answers or provide interesting … Read More

Enhance Every Aspect of Your Business Using Cafeteria Surveys

There are so many different factors to creating a successful business. Hiring the right employees, for example, is a very important aspect of maintaining a healthy revenue stream. Creating satisfied customers is also important. There are factors both large and small that play a role in your company’s ability to thrive in the short and long term. … Read More

How to Write More Dynamic and Specific Reminder Messages

Once you send out your survey invitation, you may collect a large percentage of responses, but you may still have many more invitees who have either taken your survey partially or have not responded at all. As every researcher knows, … Read More

How Important is Time Spent Per Question?

First and foremost, the idea that users spend over a minute (some researchers claim as much as 90 seconds) for a one question survey is doubtful. That is a considerably long time to spend on any given question, even if it is the only question on a survey, and as we’ve established multiple times in the past, there is rarely a respondent that cares enough about the outcome of the survey to give the question that much thought. … Read More

Strategies for Using Surveys to Improve Employment Processes

Recruitment is complex. Ideally, you need to make sure that you’re doing something different than your competition if you want to attract the right applicants, because if all you do is post a job description and ask for their resume … Read More