What is a Web Survey?

Web surveys are a great way to gather, analyze, and interpret customer feedback, thereby helping businesses make better and informed decisions. Using SurveyMethods’ Web URL Deployment method, you can generate a unique URL for your survey and send it to as many people as possible.

How to Create and Deploy Web Surveys

Using our survey software, you can generate a web URL for your survey and share it with your audience using the following methods:

  • When you launch your survey using the Web Deployment method, SurveyMethods provides you with a generic URL. You can either post this URL on a website, or paste it in an email and send it to individuals you would like to take your survey. This method doesn’t allow SurveyMethods to track who is taking your survey.
  • You can append custom field values in this URL and create custom URLs. The custom values enable you to attach information (like First Name, Last Name, etc.) into your survey URL. You can use the “&” symbol to combine these values into a single URL.

    For example, if you want to append the following values in your survey URL:

    ∗ Client ID: DJE938
    ∗ Hiring Manager: Betty Sue
    ∗ Zip Code: 9979

    The appended URL would look like:

    Survey URL Appended With Custom Field Values

    When a respondent clicks on this URL to take the survey, all the values will be imported into the respondent’s custom fields.

    Respondents Custom Field Values

  • You can also limit your survey responses to a single value. For example, if you want your recipients to take the survey only once per Client ID (the Client ID being the unique value), you need to activate the “Web Launch: Single Take Per Unique Value” Feature. Using this feature, you can allow only one response per unique custom field value. Read our article on single take per unique custom field value.
  • Additionally, you can distribute your survey link through additional distribution methods like Website Integration and Social Networks.
    Additional Survey Distribution Methods

    You can integrate your survey link into your website using two methods: JavaScript Code and HTML iframe Tag. Using the JavaScript method, you can generate a JavaScript code to integrate your survey into your website. Similarly, you can generate an iframe embed code to embed your survey into your website. You can also share your survey link on Facebook or Twitter and invite people to take your survey.

Features of SurveyMethods’ Web Surveys

  • Create anonymous web surveys.
  • Brand your survey by adding your company logo, or choose from our graphical presentation styles.
  • Allow invitees to take your survey only once or multiple times.
  • Activate the Save and Resume feature to allow respondents to save a partially completed survey and come back later to complete the survey.
  • Manage your web responses. Keep track of the total number of survey takers, and recipients that have completed/partially completed your survey.
  • Enable the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature to add an additional layer of security to your surveys.
  • Close your survey on a particular date or after a certain number of responses.
  • After gathering your web responses, you can create reports with stunning graphs and charts, segment your data, and compare segments to each other. Additionally, you can collaborate with your team, share your reports securely with each other, and export your data to different file formats like Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and PDF.

If you’re interested in learning more about web surveys, contact SurveyMethods today. With SurveyMethods, you can create and run your web surveys in minutes and analyze your data in real time using our analysis and reporting tools. Sign up for a free trial.


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