Event Management Features

Use our event management feature to convert your survey into a turnkey event management tool

Benefits of Online Event Registration and Management Software

Cost Effective

Online event management software automates manual tasks and reduces labor costs by eliminating data entry, paper and printing costs, and hours of processing time.

Saves Time

Event organizers can create events and automate event management tasks with ease. Registrants can sign up for multiple events without having to manually fill in event forms.

Boosts Participation

Registrants can sign up for events on their mobile phones or on their computers. In case of a cancelation, event organizers can use the waitlist to help fill empty slots.


Customize event pages to match your brand, and send personalized registration confirmation emails or messages to guests.

Effective Communication

Send email notifications to guests to inform them about event cancelations or changes in event dates, times, or locations.

Easier Data Management

Easily access attendee information, track RSVPs, manage waitlists, or schedule automatic reminders because data is centralized.

SurveyMethods makes the online event registration process easy for you and your attendees

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SurveyMethods Event Management Features

Automate event registration tasks and processes

Here’s what event organizers can do:

Easily navigate through a 5-step wizard to create events in minutes!

Add events to surveys to get feedback from guests or learn about their preferences

Choose from a variety of customization options and graphical presentation styles to make event pages stand out

Customize RSVP choices

Set up automatic registration confirmation emails that go to event registrants

Display the event location and address with a Google Map

Set maximum attendees to limit the number of guests for events

Set up a waitlist that will activate automatically when your event exceeds its attendee limit. Send invitations to waitlisted guests or change their RSVP. You can also filter your waitlist by Deployment Method, Registered Email Address, or the RSVP status

Track RSVPs to obtain accurate attendee counts on your events

Schedule automatic reminders to remind guests of the date and time of your event

Send out emails informing guests about any general announcements like venue map and directions, if they need to bring anything to the event, or changes in the list of event activities

View, edit, cancel, or restore events

Automatically notify guests about event schedule changes or cancelations

Here’s what registrants can do:

Automatically add events that they’ve registered for to their calendars in Google, Outlook, Yahoo, or iCal

Bookmark their event details page

View a map of the location of their event

Add themselves to the waitlist if the event is full

Change their RSVPs to events

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