SurveyMethods Integrations

Integrate SurveyMethods with your commonly-used applications using Zapier or create custom integrations with our easy-to-use REST API

Benefits of Integrating with Third-Party Applications

Cost Effective

Integration automates time-consuming, repetitive, and resource-intensive tasks so your staff can focus on things that add value to your business. Streamlining processes eliminates paperwork and data entry, minimizes turnaround time, reduces labor costs, and improves accuracy.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminating repetitive tasks will reduce errors and bottlenecks in work processes and make data collection and analysis a lot faster. Your staff will spend time reviewing and analyzing the data rather than manually launching, collecting and consolidating data.

Improves Communication

Once the integrations are set up, data is automatically available to all stakeholders so they can use it or follow up on it in a timely and effective manner. Effective communication is one of the major influencing factors in employee and customer satisfaction and business growth.

Integrate SurveyMethods with Third-Party Applications Using Zapier

Automate your business processes with the SurveyMethods-Zapier Integration

About Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks, with no programming required. You can connect any of Zapier's 1,000+ integrated apps together to make your own automations. It's quick and easy to set up – you don't need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap!

Read more about Zapier at

Here are some examples of popular Zap templates:




Create email lists in SurveyMethods from new MailChimp email lists. Save time only uploading emails once!



Google Sheets

Log new, complete survey responses in SurveyMethods to Google Sheets.




Use a SurveyMethods survey to qualify leads and then create a new Salesforce Lead from each new, complete survey response.




Automate your customer support workflow by creating new cases in Desk from new complete SurveyMethods responses.

Integrate with Third-Party Applications Using the SurveyMethods REST API

Create seamless integrations between SurveyMethods and other third party applications or your own in-house software

API Overview

The SurveyMethods API (Application Programming Interface) is a RESTful API. Our survey API facilitates smooth and seamless integration of third party applications like ERP, CRM, Helpdesk, Hotel Reservation, HR, and other systems with SurveyMethods. To use our API, you must have an account with SurveyMethods. Our API is available to all users irrespective of the type of package.

The SurveyMethods REST API provides the output/response for an API call request in the following formats:

  • XML (default output format)
  • JSON

By default, the REST API calls return the output in XML format.

Learn more about our API by visiting the link below.

Why Use the API?

Using our survey API, users can integrate their applications with SurveyMethods. For example, if you want to send a Satisfaction Survey to your customer after a case/ticket is closed, your Helpdesk system can automatically connect to SurveyMethods and send out the survey to your internal/external customer.

SurveyMethods provides a list of API calls. Here are a few of them:

  • Integrate with SurveyMethods and launch a survey remotely
  • Retrieve the details of a survey such as the survey title, deployment status, etc.
  • Retrieve or change the deployment status of a survey
  • Copy a survey
  • Get a list of survey codes for all of your surveys
  • Retrieve the response status of an email invitee for a survey such as “completed full survey”, “completed partial survey”, “opted out”, etc.
  • And many more…

To see a full list, visit our dedicated API page at the link below

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