Third-Party Integrations Using Zapier

Integrate SurveyMethods with your commonly-used applications with no programming experience required

Benefits of Integrating with Third-Party Applications

Cost Effective

Integration automates time-consuming, repetitive, and resource-intensive tasks so your staff can focus on things that add value to your business. Streamlining processes eliminates paperwork and data entry, minimizes turnaround time, reduces labor costs, and improves accuracy.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminating repetitive tasks will reduce errors and bottlenecks in work processes and make data collection and analysis a lot faster. Your staff will spend time reviewing and analyzing the data rather than manually launching, collecting and consolidating data.

Improves Communication

Once the integrations are set up, data is automatically available to all stakeholders so they can use it or follow up on it in a timely and effective manner. Effective communication is one of the major influencing factors in employee and customer satisfaction and business growth.

Third-Party Integrations by Category

SurveyMethods integrates with over 1,000 web applications including Salesforce, MailChimp, Freshdesk, and Gmail using Zapier so you can automate tasks and ensure seamless data flow across multiple applications. These integrations offer an efficient and cost-effective solution to connect SurveyMethods to all your stakeholders across applications. Use these integrations to organize and simplify your business processes.

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