SurveyMethods-Capsule CRM Integration Using Zapier


Capsule CRM

Ways to Integrate Capsule CRM with SurveyMethods

Subscribe contacts in Capsule CRM from completed SurveyMethods responses

Need to easily store all your contacts collected via SurveyMethods’ surveys in one place? This Zapier integration can help! Once this integration is set up, it will trigger with each new response in SurveyMethods, automatically creating a new person in Capsule CRM for that response with all the required details. Use this data to reach out to your contacts and get to know their needs and interests.

Create new tasks in Capsule CRM for completed SurveyMethods responses

Staying on top of your tasks, and managing those of your team could be overwhelming. The SurveyMethods-Capsule CRM integration is an effective way to streamline and automate your tasks! Set up an integration that triggers every time someone fills in your SurveyMethods surveys, creating a new task in Capsule CRM for that response. This integration allows to keep track of each task, follow up on them, assign them to your team, and make sure it gets done!

Create new opportunities in Capsule CRM from completed SurveyMethods responses

Manually creating opportunities in Capsule CRM could be tedious. With this integration, whenever a new response is completed in SurveyMethods, Zapier automatically creates a new opportunity for you in Capsule CRM for that response. Use this data to follow up with every opportunity as soon as they come in and improve your sales process.

Create new cases in Capsule CRM from completed SurveyMethods responses

Responding to customer questions and concerns in a timely manner is crucial to build a positive relationship with them. Once you set up this integration, Zapier will automatically create a new case in Capsule CRM for each new response in SurveyMethods. You or your team can easily follow-up on customers’ requests and concerns submitted via SurveyMethods and manage all customer interactions faster and efficiently than ever before!

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Capsule CRM is a hosted CRM for keeping track of your clients and prospects online. Add tasks, track communication logs, and close deals in your pipeline faster with Capsule CRM.

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