SurveyMethods-BigCommerce Integration Using Zapier



Ways to Integrate BigCommerce with SurveyMethods

Add new BigCommerce customers as SurveyMethods subscribers

Want a simple way to survey your customers? The BigCommerce-SurveyMethods integration automatically adds a new subscriber to a SurveyMethods email list for each new BigCommerce customer. This way your SurveyMethods email lists will be up to date so you can communicate with your customers whenever you want to!

Create SurveyMethods subscribers from new BigCommerce orders

Do you find yourself spending too much time manually following up with your customers? The BigCommerce-SurveyMethods integration helps you automate your sales and marketing follow-ups. Once you’ve set up this integration, a new subscriber will be added to your SurveyMethods email list for every new BigCommerce order that gets placed, keeping your email lists up to date at all times. And once you have all your customers in one list, it’s easy to send them surveys about your products.

About Zapier

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About BigCommerce

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform that provides an all-encompassing solution for a business’ online store. If you’re trying to sell physical goods online, you’ll want to check out BigCommerce.

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