SurveyMethods-GoToWebinar Integration Using Zapier



Ways to Integrate GoToWebinar with SurveyMethods

Create new GoToWebinar registrants from SurveyMethods responses

Want your survey respondents to attend your next webinar? Zapier can help. Once you’ve set up this SurveyMethods-GoToWebinar integration, whenever someone fills out your SurveyMethods survey, they’ll be added as new registrants in GoToWebinar. It’s the quickest way to onboard your newest clients.

Add new GoToWebinar registrants as SurveyMethods subscribers

If you want to add your GoToWebinar registrants to a SurveyMethods email list, you can do so using Zapier. Once you’ve set up this integration, for each new GoToWebinar registrant, a new subscriber will be automatically added to a SurveyMethods email list. Let them know how your webinar will meet their interests and expectations and encourage them to share their input to help you plan your webinar.

Add new GoToWebinar attendees to SurveyMethods as subscribers

Want to follow up with your GoToWebinar attendees? Use this Zapier integration to automatically add every new GoToWebinar attendee to a SurveyMethods email list as a new subscriber. Send a follow-up survey to attendees after the webinar and ask them what they really thought.

Send SurveyMethods surveys to new GoToWebinar registrants

Ask questions to gather information from registrants when planning a webinar! This Zap can help. Set it up, and Zapier will share your SurveyMethods survey with every new GoToWebinar registrant so they can share their input to help plan your webinar.

Send SurveyMethods surveys to new GoToWebinar attendees

Want to follow up with your GoToWebinar attendees? Once this integration is set up, Zapier will automatically send a SurveyMethods survey to every new attendee in GoToWebinar. Encourage attendees to share their thoughts or key takeaways from the webinar and if they found it helpful so you can improve future webinars.

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