SurveyMethods-Pipedrive Integration Using Zapier



Ways to Integrate Pipedrive with SurveyMethods

Create new deals in Pipedrive for new, complete SurveyMethods responses

Want to make sure your survey responses do not fall through the cracks? This Zapier integration can help! Once this Zap is active, every new response received in SurveyMethods will trigger the automation, creating a new deal in Pipedrive for that response, effectively organizing each new response that comes in. Use this data to follow up with every deal in your sales pipeline and improve your sales process.

Create new persons in Pipedrive for new, complete SurveyMethods responses

The SurveyMethods-Pipedrive integration makes it easy to store all your contacts collected via surveys in one place. Once this integration is set up, it will trigger with each new response received in SurveyMethods, automatically creating a new person in Pipedrive for that response with all the details. Use this data to reach out to your contacts, get to know their needs and interests, and identify actions that maximize your chances of closing more deals.

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