SurveyMethods-Twitter Integration Using Zapier



Ways to Integrate Twitter with SurveyMethods

Post new tweets to Twitter for new, complete SurveyMethods responses

Social media is a popular platform to connect and engage with your audience – and this Zapier integration makes it possible to quickly share what your customers are saying with your Twitter followers! Set it up and Zapier automatically posts a tweet to your Twitter account whenever there is a new response submitted in SurveyMethods. Sharing customers’ experiences and feedback directly on Twitter is a great way to further increase your reach and followers.

About Zapier

Zapier is an online automation tool that allows you to connect apps you use every day to automate tasks. You can connect any of Zapier’s 1,000+ integrated apps together to make your own automations. It’s quick & easy to set up – you don’t need to be a developer, anyone can make a Zap!

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About Twitter

Twitter is the social network that shows what’s happening around the world in real time. Share your ideas in Tweets, follow hashtags to keep up with trends, and join in the global conversation.

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Integrate SurveyMethods with Zapier