Improve Client Retention with Surveys

In industries with a lot of repeat business, the relationships you have with your clients is paramount. Your products, services, and marketing may have helped you attract that client, but the only way to maintain your business is to make sure that every client feels a connection to your business, and a need to continue to use your products or services. But because of how important those relationships are, you also need to make sure you’re actively maintaining them. You need to know how closely your clients are connected to you, and how much they value maintaining your business.

The Value of Client Satisfaction Surveys

There is no better objective method of evaluating client satisfaction than a client satisfaction survey. It’s the only tool that allows you to find out what your clients are genuinely feeling, and how they see your business both now and in the future. Therefore, no matter what industry you are in, you have to make sure that your clients are excited to work with your business.
Client satisfaction surveys are designed to give you feedback on the services that you provide that you can’t get from simply gauging how you think your clients feel from your one on one interactions. Clients may be friendly people, but that doesn’t mean that they’re planning to continue to work with you. With client satisfaction surveys, your company will be able to:
  • Track Client Satisfaction
    Surveys give you the chance to create a client satisfaction baseline from which you can judge changes in your business. There isn’t necessarily a “good” or “bad” satisfaction score. What’s important is that you know whether or not there are changes based on the services you provide. If you conduct satisfaction surveys regularly, you will be able to analyze changes in client satisfaction and determine if anything has improved or worsened the way clients see your business.
  • Spot Problems
    It’s also important to spot any problems before you start to lose clients over them, and with a survey you can do that easily. SurveyMethods’ online survey software, for example, can send you an email notification immediately when you receive a negative score and you can use that to see who is struggling with your business and what you can do to keep the client interested in working with you further.
  • Dissect the Data
    Not only can you collect satisfaction data on your clients, you can also dissect it by services, types of clients, etc. Perhaps you have excellent satisfaction scores for every component of your business except for one type of client – you can dissect the data and see which parts you’re struggling with, and then work on those specific areas until you’ve improved it considerably.

The Ease of Running a Survey With SurveyMethods

Surveying your clients is the best way to receive this data and analyze it accordingly, and with the right survey tools it can be as easy as few clicks. With SurveyMethods, you can create and deploy a survey in minutes, and then analyze results in real-time using our online reporting tools.
If you need to create a client satisfaction survey, SurveyMethods is your best source for affordable survey software that is certain to make a difference.

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