Email Surveys

Online surveys are a popular evaluation tool for gathering feedback from your customers or employees, and organizations that leverage customer and employee feedback are better equipped to make informed decisions. Using email surveys, you can invite people via email to take your survey. SurveyMethods’ email survey software allows you to send your survey link to one or more email addresses using the Email Deployment method.

Sending Surveys Via Email Using the Email Deployment Method

SurveyMethods’ email deployment method enables you to generate a unique email invitation for each recipient. Using this method, you can send your survey link to each invitee and track their response by their email address. Email surveys are a great way to find out which invitees have completed your survey, partially taken your survey, or not responded at all. You can create two types of email lists to send your surveys. 

  • Basic Email Lists: Basic email lists contain just the email addresses. Enter a valid email address of the recipients you would like to send your survey to. If you do not have an email list already created, you can add the email addresses manually and save this list for future use. Send Surveys to Multiple Email Addresses Using the Basic Email List
  • Advanced Email Lists: Using this method, you can attach custom values to each email address. Custom values can store additional information such as a person’s first name or last name. For example, if you want to attach additional information (like First Name, Last Name, Region, and Spending Level) to each invitee’s email address, you can enter the email addresses followed by the custom values (as shown in the screen below). Similar to the Basic Email List, you can save this email list for future reference. 
    Send Surveys to Multiple Email Addresses Using the Advanced Email List

Additional Features of Email Surveys

  • Create anonymous email surveys.
  • Choose from dozens of pre-designed presentation styles to make your surveys look great and visually appealing.
  • Add your company logo and brand your surveys.
  • Configure whether your invitees can take your survey only once or multiple times.
  • Enable the Save and Resume feature to allow users to save a partially completed survey and come back at a later time to complete the survey.
  • Keep track of invitees that have completed your survey, partially taken your survey, or have not responded at all.
  • Track invitees that have opted out of your survey.
  • Send reminders to invitees that have partially responded or have not responded at all.
  • Add an additional layer of security to your surveys by enabling the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature.
  • Close your survey on a particular date or after a certain number of responses.
  • Trigger your survey remotely from your CRM or Help Desk system. Configure your system to automatically send an email to SurveyMethods with the email addresses of the invitees.

To know more about email surveys, sign up for a free trial and get started right away!


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