3 Ways Surveys Can Help You With Upsells

It costs a lot to acquire a new customer. That means that after a customer has been acquired, it’s important to find ways to get as much revenue as you can from that individual/company, so that you get a better return on investment. You do that through upsells. Upsells are additional products, services, and sales that you’re able to make beyond what the customer is expected to purchase when using your business.

How to Discover Upsells through Online Surveys

Upselling is a delicate practice. You want to genuinely make sure that what you’re offering to customers is something they’re going to want, otherwise you risk making them feel as though you only want their money. That means researching possible upsells and using the data to drive your decisions. Here’s how online surveys can help you discover upsell opportunities:

  • Learn What Customers aren’t Getting: Survey your current customers to find out what they are not getting from your business. Learn directly from them what they want, and then upsell based on those needs to drive further sales. Your customers are your best source of information and the most willing to fill out surveys, so discovering their needs is the best strategy to determine upsell opportunities.
  • Learn What Competitors are Doing: Upsells can also be a possible selling point for new customers. Find out what your competitors are doing and use the upsells to make your business look like it’s the best choice for the consumer. This provides you with not only an upsell tool, but a marketing tool as well.
  • Find What Specific Customers Need: Surveys don’t have to just be population data collection tool. You can use surveys to find out what specific customers actually need. For example, send a non-anonymous survey that talks about potential services that customers have a need for. Then sell those services to specific customers.

These are all simple, but very real examples of how a survey can help you discover upsells. You can also use surveys to perform market research – research that will teach you what the market needs, even if no one offers it – and thus drive people towards your business, and to learn about people as individuals so you get to know more about their personalities, character, etc.

If you’re ready to get started researching your customers and preparing for upsells, sign up with SurveyMethods today.

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