4 Possible Factors in Online Customer Satisfaction

Factors that Influence Customer SatisfactionBusinesses understand the value of customer satisfaction. How a customer views your products, services, customer service – all of these factor into how much the customer appreciates your company and how likely they are to come back. While companies value customer satisfaction, very few are looking at how to improve customer satisfaction online. Many companies do some or all of their businesses online, which means that your online customer satisfaction rate is an important factor in your long-term success. Yet many companies ignore online customer satisfaction, focusing on their offline customers only. But there is no denying that online customer satisfaction is very important because if you are unable to get high customer satisfaction scores with your online customers, you are not going to be able to generate as much business.

4 Factors that Influence Customer Satisfaction

Like the offline world, online businesses are all different, so you are going to need to discover what affects satisfaction based on your products, services, web interface, etc. Here are several factors that potentially lead to good customer satisfaction:

  • User Interface

Perhaps the most important quality of a good website is user interface. Customers need to be able to easily navigate through your website, get to the items they want, discover what they’re looking for, etc. User interface is an often overlooked but a vital part of your website.

  • Content

Your website needs to be able to answer questions or help customers find what they need. For some businesses, this means that your website provides customers with relevant information. For others, this means that your website makes it easy for them to find great products.

  • Value

It’s tempting to put “price” as one category, but it’s not price alone that affects value. Price is important, but there are many companies that may offer the same products as your company at a lesser cost. You need to find a way to bring value to customers in some way beyond price.

  • Service

Some websites have great customer service. Others have terrible customer service. Your ability to answer questions quickly and solve problems when needed will help you create a happy customer base.

It’s important for you to find out what leads to good customer satisfaction online. The only way for you to improve your online business is to know how to attract and retain customers. Studying satisfaction of your online visitors is an important part of that.

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