Benefits and Weakness of the Kano Survey

The Kano Survey has long been regarded as one of the premier ways of learning customer needs. It has tools that help you learn more about what the customers need, what they’d like but don’t need, and what they would greatly enjoy but have no need for at all. It’s a method of collecting data that provides interesting results that can be easily analyzed to best discover how to create products that help build your business. Like all methods of collecting data, the Kano Survey has its strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of the Kano Survey

  • Identifying Information and Value

Its primary benefit is the unique and effective way that the Kano Survey is able to identify needs and desires of your customer base. The questions easily lend themselves for analysis and are a great way to determine what makes (or could potentially make) a quality and well received product. They’re a good way to test new ideas and a great way to discover expectations. Overall, the information received from these surveys is extremely valuable.

  • Great Analysis

Expanding on that idea, the analysis you receive from the Kano Survey is a highly useful tool for figuring out priorities, discovering other issues that customers may have, weighting the things you can do based on potential value and so on. Because the surveys ask questions in more than one way, you also get to analyze the results further to ensure no data is lost.

Weaknesses of the Kano Survey

  • Difficult Analysis

Like many great data collection methods, however, analyzing this type of data is certainly not easy. It takes knowledge of this type of information, how to analyze it and process it, and so on. You do not get the opportunity to put things in an easy little number. There is a considerable amount you need to do to get accurate analysis.

  • Tedious Survey

These surveys can be long. They ideally need to incorporate a ton of new ideas, old ideas, and minor ideas, and after you have collected all of those ideas you need to write two questions for each, doubling the number of questions from a standard survey. Also, because each question is asked twice, some respondents may find it frustrating. It may be hard to get a good response rate for these types of surveys, and the survey dropout rate may be fairly high.

Kano Survey Choice

The Kano Survey is a well-regarded survey in the field, but it does have its weaknesses. You certainly need to be equipped with the ability to analyze the data, and you will need to find a way to motivate respondents to fill out the survey honestly and in full. Another potential weakness is that the survey may only be useful if you actually “have” good ideas, since it is designed to see what could potentially wow a customer.

Still, the survey is a good choice during product development, and has a several decade long history being effectively used by those looking to improve their customer satisfaction through their product features.

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