What is Customer Experience (CX)

How an individual experiences your business is an important part of whether or not you’ll create and retain a potential customer. Right from purchasing a product to the post-purchase experience, everything plays a role in customer experience. Companies that ensure the best possible customer experiences are likely to have the best outcomes, and, ultimately, draw in the most revenue. Beyond revenue, customers who go through amazing purchasing experiences will be more loyal and less likely to switch to other brands. They’ll recommend your products and services to others and they’ll be willing to spend more for those products or services.

But how do you determine customer experience? While planning and smart decision-making plays a role, the truth is, it is impossible to get in the minds of all of your customers. However, you need to know what they think and what they experience, from the moment they first come into contact with your company to the moment they leave.

What is a Customer Experience Survey?

Customer experience surveys give you the opportunity to find out what customers experience as a whole within your company, including the quality of that experience. You can learn where your company is thriving and where it can improve. They’re your opportunity to really get to know how your customers interact with your company, identify areas of improvement, and make sure that your customers are as satisfied as possible.

Each interaction the customer has with your business is a part of “customer experience,” and the more you can improve that experience, the better are your chances of building customer loyalty and brand advocates. For example:

  • How easy it was for your customers to find information on your products/services?
  • How the experience was with the sales or customer service staff?
  • How the website experience was and whether they received what they needed?
  • How the buying experience was either at a checkout stand or through other means?
  • How easy it was to use your product/service?
  • If they needed to return a product, why did they need to do so?

All of these play a role in customer experience, and all of these play a role in creating and maintaining customers. Here’s a look at a few more questions to ask in your customer experience survey.

Creating and Running Your Customer Experience Survey

Customer experience surveys have become a crucial part of many businesses and add significant value to companies that choose to execute them. There is no other way to get an unbiased view of your business, and in some cases you may discover something about your company that you hadn’t known before that could be addressed to improve revenue. You’ve likely been asked to take part in one as well – often after completing a transaction at a local store, you’ll receive a printout with a link to a survey about your experience.

At SurveyMethods, we have several customer experience survey templates that you can further customize to your needs.

  • Restaurant Satisfaction Survey: Ask customers about their experience at your restaurant like the food and quality of service, and see what you can do to improve that experience.

    View Template

  • Customer Service Experience Survey: Get customer feedback on their experience with your customer support team.

    View Template

  • Online Purchase Experience Survey: Get feedback from your customers on their online shopping experience.

    View Template

Sign in to your SurveyMethods account or sign up for a free trial to browse through these pre-designed customer experience survey templates and many more, and start creating your online surveys.


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