Customer Feedback Surveys: The Best Way to Measure Customer Satisfaction

You have a business that caters to customers. While you can try to guess what your customers like, there is no substitute for customer feedback – the only way to learn what you need to do to strengthen relationships, boost sales, and improve customer satisfaction in the future.

Customer feedback surveys are the primary tool used to generate feedback because it is the only tool not influenced by an interviewer. But what do you ask in a feedback survey? What kinds of feedback are considered acceptable?

Best Way to Use Customer Feedback Surveys: Ask What Matters

It’s not necessarily about what’s good and what’s bad, but rather what you can ask that has a long-term impact. Indeed, the best way to use customer feedback surveys is to monitor that feedback over time rather than use a single result as gospel. That is why you should ask about:

  • What the customer likes/dislikes about your products or services
  • What the customer likes/dislikes about your office/store environment
  • What the customer likes/dislikes about your customer service

These surveys allow you to find out if a customer is still impressed by your company or if they may be considering a competitor, and they give you an opportunity to find out what you can do to improve your business in order to maintain or even grow their satisfaction (and thus loyalty) levels. Learn how to improve customer satisfaction.

Net Promoter Score and Surveys

You can even find the Net Promoter Score of your customers. This is a measurement of whether a customer is likely to promote your business, detract from your business, or whether they are generally passive about your business. It is usually based on one single question: “How likely is it that you would recommend [your company] to a friend or colleague?” and by adding this question to your feedback survey, you can have even more valuable information that you can then use to improve your business. At SurveyMethods, we’ve developed a survey tool that is affordable enough to use on a regular basis. Our fully customizable customer feedback survey templates will help you gather quality feedback from your customers. If you’re planning on running a customer feedback survey, sign up with SurveyMethods today and see why so many people are using our feature-rich product.


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