Email Questionnaires

Emailing your survey questionnaires offers a personalized way to collect feedback from your audience. Using SurveyMethods, it’s easy to create and send email-based questionnaires. A unique and personalized email will be sent out to invitees asking them to respond to your questionnaire. The benefit of sending out email questionnaires to collect responses is that you can track who has responded, who has not, and who has opted out of your survey.

Deploying Email Questionnaires with SurveyMethods

With our user-friendly survey software tool, designing email questionnaires is easy and quick. We have various predesigned questionnaire templates in our survey library to help you get started. Copy one of the template and modify it to suit your needs. Should you design survey questionnaires from scratch, our survey software provides a comprehensive set of question types that you can choose from. In addition, there are several features integrated in our survey tool that will help you design and deploy effective email questionnaires. 

  • Create anonymous email questionnaires.
  • Brand your survey questionnaires. Add your logo, change the size and color of your fonts, and customize the theme to match your branding colors.
  • Choose from 20 different question types (like choice-based questions, matrix questions, open-ended questions, and more!).
  • Spread your survey questions over multiple pages.
  • Apply basic or graphical presentation styles to make your surveys stand out.
  • Add skip logic, enable instruction text for questions, make answering questions mandatory, and randomize the display of answer choices.
  • Correct misspelled words using the Spell Check feature.
  • Deploy your questionnaires via email using the email deployment method. Generate a unique email invitation for each invitee, and send your survey link using these options: Basic Email List and Advanced Email List.
  • Track invitees that have responded, partially responded, not responded, or have opted out of your survey.
  • Send reminders to invitees that have partially responded or have not responded at all.

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