Email Survey Software

SurveyMethods’ email survey software makes it easy for you to invite people via email to take your survey. You can send a customized email with a unique survey link to individual email addresses using the Email Deployment method.

SurveyMethods’ Email Survey Software

Using the email survey software, you can import your contact list into SurveyMethods and distribute your survey. You can personalize your email message and send a unique email invitation to your participants. Our email survey software helps you track and identify each respondent by their email address. You can track invitees that have not attempted, fully or partially taken the survey, or have opted out.

Email Survey Software Features

Using the email survey software tool, you can launch your survey via a simple 5-step wizard. Below is a list of the email survey software features:

  • Make your email surveys anonymous.
  • Allow single or multiple responses.
  • Activate the save and resume feature.
  • Personalize the invitation email with custom fields.
  • Optionally include a welcome greeting for your survey.
  • Send your survey link to multiple email addresses using the Basic Email List Method or the Advanced Email List Method.
  • Enable the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) feature to ensure secure transmission of your survey.
  • Track the response status of invitees; view invitees that have completed, partially taken, not attempted, or have opted out of your survey.
  • Send reminders to invitees that have partially responded or have not responded at all.

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