Employee Exit Survey

Employee exit surveys are an important part of Human Resource Management. They help to determine why employees leave your organization, the factors that influenced their decision, and take necessary steps to avoid future losses. A well-executed employee exit survey can bring about positive changes in your workplace, improve employee retention, and reduce turnover.

Employee Exit Reasons

Employee exit surveys are a great way to yield valuable information from employees about their experiences with your organization and the areas of concern that may not be possible to obtain with any other employee survey. Conduct an exit survey to discover:

  • Overall experience of employees with your organization.
  • Reasons why employees leave your organization (e.g. relocation, better job opportunities, company instability, dissatisfaction with supervisors or managers, favoritism, discrimination, personal reasons, and the likes).
  • Problem areas within your organization.
  • Perceptions regarding pay and benefits.
  • The barriers to effective leadership and management in the workplace.
  • Workplace trends that require attention to help improve employee engagement, productivity, and loyalty.

Employee Exit Survey Questions

An employee exit survey might include the following questions:

  • Which department do you work in?
  • What were your reasons for joining our company?
  • What were your reasons for leaving our company?
  • What did you like most about your job?
  • Do you have suggestions that can improve the work environment?
  • Were you comfortable talking to your manager about work problems?
  • Which areas of the compensation plan do you feel we should focus on?
  • Please provide your suggestions that would assist the management in being productive.
  • Please provide any suggestions that you feel would improve the department.

How to Make the Most of Employee Exit Surveys

When employees leave an organization, they often tend to provide constructive feedback about the organization’s work culture, management, pay practices, reasons for their exit and so on. An effective exit survey can help to uncover this information besides identifying the costs associated with employee turnover. Here’s how you can make the most out of your employee exit surveys.

  • Keep your employee exit survey questions simple and short.
  • Make sure that the questions are relevant to help you get reliable and accurate results. Focus on identifying the reasons for the employee’s exit.
  • Consider making the survey anonymous to get more honest and candid feedback. Employees may not reveal their reasons for leaving the organization if their answers are not kept confidential.
  • Analyze the results of your survey and address the main reasons of employee turnover. This will help you create a happier environment at work, increase productivity, and enhance employee commitment and retention.

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Employee Exit Survey Template

Employee Exit Survey TemplateAt SurveyMethods, we help you to design and deploy effective surveys in minutes using our affordable online survey software tool. We have templates for employee exit surveys that you can customize according to your organization’s needs. Our analysis and reporting features enable you to analyze your data in real time and gain actionable business insights. Contact SurveyMethods to find out more about employee exit surveys.

Click on the image to the left to view the Employee Exit Survey template.


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