Employee Satisfaction Surveys: Sample Questions and 4 Ready-to-Use Templates

Do your employees feel happy at work? Are they satisfied with the work environment? Do they get the recognition they truly deserve? Ask them with an employee satisfaction survey and get the feedback you need! Thoughtfully designed employee surveys help you uncover the underlying reasons of employee satisfaction or dissatisfaction so you can focus on what you need to do to improve employee satisfaction.

The best employees may not necessarily be the most satisfied and vice versa. Businesses that recognize such factors and prioritize employee satisfaction help to create happy and satisfied employees and a positive work environment, resulting in better employee retention, productivity, and growth.

What Do Employee Job Satisfaction Surveys Address?

Employee satisfaction is an essential element in any workplace. A slight uptick in the satisfaction of a few employees has the potential to bring in additional revenue, while preventing a single dissatisfied employee from leaving the company could prevent losses or unnecessary costs. With employee surveys, you can find out a lot more than what simply monitoring employees or listening to firsthand accounts cannot, such as:

  • Satisfaction with the work environment, roles, and responsibilities
  • Recognition for their performance
  • Satisfaction with supervisors or peers
  • Satisfaction with tasks or difficulty levels
  • Satisfaction with pay and benefits
  • If employees feel overworked or aren’t challenged enough
  • If a supervisor is getting the best out of their employees or if they are criticizing them and stifling their potential
  • If employees are treated with respect

With the SurveyMethods online survey tool, you can collect this information using anonymous employee surveys that get you candid feedback. In this article, we have provided a few common employee satisfaction survey questions and sample templates to help you get started with your survey.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Question Examples

  • On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied are you with your work?
  • Do you have the tools and resources to do your job well?
  • Is your work challenging enough?
  • Do you have a clear understanding of your job profile, performance objectives, and what you’re supposed to do?
  • Do the tasks assigned to you help you grow professionally?
  • Does your supervisor encourage you to improve the way you do things?
  • Are your performance goals tied to your business unit’s goals?
  • Do you voluntarily, actively, and enthusiastically participate in solving problems and looking for better ways of doing things?
  • Do you receive periodic trainings to grow and be effective in your job?
  • Does your supervisor treat you and your peers with respect?
  • Is your compensation package fair and competitive?
  • Do you feel the management is transparent and communicates effectively?
  • What do you like about this organization?
  • What do you dislike about this organization?
  • How would you rate your work-life balance, on a scale of 1 to 10?
  • Score the following on their importance to you: Opportunities, benefits, work environment, growth and development, and leadership quality. 5 indicates “Most Important” and 1 indicates “Least Important.”

Employee Satisfaction Survey Templates

Below are a few employee satisfaction survey templates that you can use to find out if your employees feel valued and appreciated in the workplace. You can use the templates right away or customize them to fit your needs.

Workplace Evaluation Survey

Workplace Evaluation Survey

Conduct periodic surveys to make sure your workplace processes run smoothly and ensure employee satisfaction and productivity. 

Survey to Assess the Organizational Culture

Survey to Assess the Organizational Culture

Assess your organization’s culture. Find out if employees feel happy to work in your organization, do leaders encourage them and listen to their suggestions, what gives rise to conflicts, and more.

Benefits Satisfaction Survey

Benefits Satisfaction Survey

Survey your employees to find out if they are satisfied with their pay and benefits.

HR Training and Development Feedback Survey

HR Training and Development Feedback

Get feedback from employees regarding the quality of training and development programs in your organization.

Log in to your SurveyMethods account or sign up for a Free account to browse through these pre-designed survey templates and many more!

Few Things to Remember When Designing Employee Surveys

Designing the employee satisfaction questionnaire is one of the most challenging tasks of the survey’s design. Though there are no fixed rules, but there are a few points to consider when designing employee questionnaires to make sure that employees remain interested throughout the survey.

  • Since confidentiality is always an issue in the workplace, let your employees know that their responses will not be shared with anyone or traced back to them. If employees are not confident that their responses will be confidential, they may not give accurate information.
  • Use simple language. Avoid technical or industry-specific words that employees may not understand.
  • Make the survey visually appealing. Choose from our predesigned employee satisfaction survey templates or create one from scratch.
  • Use the appropriate question types and structure. Here are the different types of survey questions that you can choose from.
  • Include open-ended questions in your employee survey like “What are the strengths of our organization” or “What are the areas you think we need to improve on? Open-ended employee satisfaction questions are a great way to gather qualitative data on what your employees really think. However, make sure that you don’t use too many open-ended questions.
  • If your survey is meant for different categories of employees, then it’s a good idea to include logic in your survey so that employees will see only those questions that are relevant to them.

Distributing Your Employee Satisfaction Surveys

Once you’ve created your employee survey, it’s time to distribute it to your employees using any of the following methods:

  • Email Deployment: Launch your survey to multiple email addresses with personalized invitations.
  • Web URL Deployment: Generate a generic web URL for your survey. You can embed this URL into a web page, paste in an email, or post it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Additional launch methods: Share your survey link on Facebook or Twitter.

Analyze, Share, and Act upon Your Employee Feedback Data

The purpose of an employee feedback survey is to analyze and take action on the data that you’ve collected. With SurveyMethods’ reporting tools, generate real-time reports that will help you draw valuable conclusions to improve your workplace. Segment your data based on department, designation, business unit, etc. and compare them to identify any bottlenecks and take measures to improve them.

Be sure to share the survey results with your employees and let them know what and how you intend to take action on the results. Employees are more likely to participate in future surveys if they know their feedback is valuable for organizational improvements. Share the data with your stakeholders and draw strategies to make necessary changes. Compare the results of your employee feedback surveys to the previous ones to track changes in employees’ behavior and satisfaction levels over time.

How Often Should You Run Employee Satisfaction Surveys?

When deciding to run an employee feedback survey, you need to understand why you are running the survey and how you plan to use the data you’ve collected. Most companies run employee feedback surveys once a year. However, if you want to track changes in employee morale and behavior (like after a change in the company policy, the organizational structure, or leadership style), you may want to send surveys after the change. Employee job satisfaction surveys are one of the best available options to help you create a company that beats out its competition. The cost to conduct employee surveys with SurveyMethods’ online survey tool is nominal and the information that you receive can benefit your company by saving recruitment costs and reducing employee attrition.

Visit SurveyMethods or sign up for free to learn more about our employee satisfaction surveys, and why they are the best choice for running your next satisfaction study.

Employee Satisfaction vs. Employee Engagement

Employee satisfaction and employee engagement do not mean the same thing though many people may use the terms interchangeably. An employee may be satisfied with his job, compensation, and work environment but he may not be engaged with the company and its mission. Employee engagement is much more than just being happy and satisfied with the job. It’s the level of excitement that employees have about their job. It’s about how enthusiastic, involved, and passionate they are in their day-to-day tasks, and how committed they are to the organization’s mission and goals.

Learn how SurveyMethods’ employee engagement survey program can help your company determine how engaged your employees are and what you can do to improve employee engagement.


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