Event Evaluation Survey

You are a business owner. You have recently completed a major product unveiling to an audience of your employees, customers, and investors. It’s crucial that this event goes well. You plan for weeks, you practice your presentation and finally the event is over, and your product has been released to the public. Now what? How do you find out if the event met the audience’s expectations? How do you find out if the audience had all of their questions answered? How do you find out if the little things, like food quality, went well?

You can sit and do nothing, or you can run an event evaluation survey immediately after the event is over and find out what your attendees really thought. The latter is the only way to make sure that everything within your event went as planned.

What Can You Ask in an Event Evaluation Survey?

Event evaluation surveys are about understanding everything the other individual felt about the event. You should ask questions that include:

  • Information Understanding: You can ask questions like a test that let you know how much the individual was listening and how much they absorbed. For example “What does Feature X do?” See if they absorbed the information and were excited enough to listen.
  • Technical Issues: Were they able to hear the speakers? Were they able to see the speakers? Did anything occur at the event that was a distraction?
  • Event Planning: What about the little things at the event? Was the catering to their liking? Were there good food options? How was the seating? All these things go into creating a good event. Here’s more on how surveys can ensure a perfect event.

Event evaluation is specifically about finding out how successful every aspect of the event was, so that you can use that information not only for future events, but also to perform damage control if things went south. For example, at one event the company found that very few people were listening to the speaker that said some of the most important features of the new product, so to ensure that the most important features were highlighted, they sent out an email to all attendees with a recap of the product and videos about why it’s valuable. These types of solutions are only possible for companies that know what the outcome of the event was, and the only way to get that information is with a post-event evaluation survey.

Post-Event Evaluation Survey Template

Post Event Evaluation Survey Template

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Click on the image to the left to view the Event Evaluation Survey Template.


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