How Recruitment Companies Can Use Surveys for Intake Data

How Recruitment Companies Can Use Surveys for Intake DataRecruitment companies are a prime example of how surveys can be used for things other than research. In today’s economy, recruiters have an increased pressure to match companies with the best possible employees. Traditional resume/data entry methods are useful, but surveys can be a very effective method of streamlining the process in a way that is advantageous for the recruitment company.

Surveys to Gather Company Information

Surveys can first be used to gather information about a company that wants to use their recruitment services. It’s crucial for the recruitment process to have accurate and useful information that can be checked against potential applicants. Companies can be asked to provide data (both qualitative and quantitative) that is relevant for the job search, such as:

  • Salary Range
  • Necessary Skills
  • Job Descriptors
  • Job Tasks
  • Company Data

The above list represents just a small sample of the information that a recruitment company needs in order to find employees that best fit the company. With a survey, the recruitment agency will be able to quickly and accurately fill a database of the required information, and then immediately use that database to check against potential applicants or create pre-determined applicant pool for contact. This streamlines the process for the recruitment agency, ensures accuracy on the part of the company, and allows the entire system to be better streamlined for more accurate recruiting.

Surveys to Gather Applicant Information

Similarly, surveys can also be used to gather information about the applicant, including the types of jobs they want to apply for, what their skills are, what their experience is, and so on. Applicants can put not only resume information into the database, but also keywords and other data that can help match them to possible jobs. Their resumes can also be scanned and linked to the data for easy access, and when they apply, that information can be linked either to any open positions or to positions that open up in the future.

Surveys are designed to create databases, and those databases can be programmed for a variety of different purposes beyond simply research and analysis. Recruitment agencies are but one example of how with a little bit of ingenuity, a survey can be utilized as a data collection tool in order to better streamline a process within the company. Many companies can use this type of information gathering system if they’re willing to come up with innovative ways to use it. Here’s more on how to use surveys for improving employment processes.

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