How to Write More Dynamic and Specific Reminder Messages

RemindersOnce you send out your survey invitation, you may collect a large percentage of responses, but you may still have many more invitees who have either taken your survey partially or have not responded at all. As every researcher knows, the task of trying to get everyone in your sample to answer your survey questions can be a fairly daunting task. People are becoming less and less interested in filling out surveys, and so those that are not completing them are going to need to really be motivated before they decide to complete it.

One of the ways that companies use to get their samples to fill out the survey is to send out reminders. Unfortunately, most reminder messages are boring and do not necessarily push the individual to complete the survey. That’s why it’s important that you write an outstanding reminder message in order to completely motivate the individual to complete their survey.

How to Write Dynamic and Specific Reminder Messages

  • Reiterate the Benefits/Reason for the Survey: Make sure the recipient truly knows why the survey is being conducted and why their answers are so important.
  • Reiterate the Incentive: Make sure the recipient understands what they’re going to get if they take the survey. If your incentive is not impressive, consider offering a different one or talking up the value that it has to your company.
  • Reiterate the Time it Takes to Complete:If the recipient knows that the survey will not take much time to complete, they may be more likely to fill it out.
  • Be Friendly and Engaging with Your Writing: Make sure your reminder message is engaging to the recipient. If no one in your staff is able to write in a dynamic and interesting way, consider getting outside help.
  • Use their Name, if Possible: Make sure that they see that your email isn’t just some generic email. They need to feel like you actually wrote it for them, not only through their name but through the language you use in the reminder message.

Excellent survey reminder messages are going to be the difference between helping motivate people to fill out the survey and causing them to zone out with no intention of completion. Make sure that you write great reminder messages, and send them out with the right software. Sign up with SurveyMethods today to find out more.

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