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Why are Email Newsletters the Most Powerful Marketing Tool?

Engage Customers

Sharing visually-appealing newsletters that contain relevant and interesting information will help you engage with your audience right in their inbox.

Boost Brand Awareness

Sending out periodic newsletters to educate customers on your products, services, and best practices will help you gain their trust and loyalty and stay top of mind.

Build Credibility

Consistently sharing informative and value-rich content on your products and services establishes you an as authority in your field and builds your credibility.

Increase Traffic

Newsletters are a great way to drive website traffic. Providing relevant call-to-actions in your newsletters encourage readers to visit your website, share your content, make a purchase, or sign up.

Build Relationships

Sending out newsletters that contain information aligned to your customers’ needs and interests will keep them engaged with your brand. This builds loyalty and strengthens relationships over time.

Drive Revenue

Engaging your customers with interesting, actionable information on a regular basis will keep you on top of their minds when it’s time to make a purchase or a recommendation.

With SurveyMethods, it's a breeze to create and distribute stunning email newsletters to attract and retain customers and drive revenue

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Professional Email Newsletters

SurveyMethods Newsletter Features

Easy-to-use features for creating professional email newsletters

Professionally-designed themes: Access beautifully-designed newsletter themes across categories like customer service, hospitality, technology, education, holidays, and lots more!

Drag-and-drop objects: Drag and drop design objects like images, text, buttons, videos, events, or surveys to your newsletters, and arrange them to get the look you want. Adding buttons, videos, events, or surveys to your newsletters will increase open and click-through rates and drive traffic to your web site.

Customizable themes: Easily customize the themes to match your industry or brand. Add your own text, logo, images, fonts, colors, and separators.

Custom images: Create your own image gallery. Grab audiences’ attention by adding your own background images to your newsletters.

Share newsletters: Share your newsletters over email, social media, or embed them into a webpage.

Social sharing components: Add social share buttons or enable Facebook comments on your newsletters. This makes it easy for people to comment on or share newsletters on social media.

Measurable metrics: Gain real-time readership insights – how many people clicked, opened, viewed, or opted out of your newsletters. This will help to better understand customers’ likes and dislikes and improve future newsletters.

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