Online Polls: How to Create an Online Poll

A poll is useful if you want to get a quick pulse on topics that do not necessarily require substantial insights. How satisfied are you with our website? Would you recommend our survey software to others? Who will win the World Cup? Who will be the next President? Unlike a survey, a poll is usually anonymous because the purpose of a poll is to open up discussions on the poll topic.

Polls can be a fun way to generate interest among your audience, so if you want to engage your audience with live polls, make sure that the poll topic is spot on!

SurveyMethods’ Online Poll Features

With SurveyMethods, it’s easy to create polls in any language and gather instant feedback from your audience.

How to Create an Online Poll

  • Compose your poll question and answer choices.
  • Select a presentation style to apply a color scheme to your poll. You can also set the height and width of your poll.
  • Configure additional settings for your poll. For example, you can select a single-choice or multiple-choice poll type, enable posting of comments, or allow/block repeat voting from the same user.
  • Display your poll results either in percentages or numeric vote counts.

Launch Your Poll

Launch your poll in minutes and embed it into a webpage. To embed a poll, you will have to copy the automatically-generated JavaScript code and paste it on the webpage where you want your poll to appear. Similarly, you can copy the JavaScript code for the poll result and paste it on your webpage to display the results of your poll.

Analyze Your Poll Results

View and analyze your poll results in real time as soon as the responses roll in. The compiled poll results are displayed in a graphical format. You can set the display settings for your chart like the chart type (vertical, horizontal, pie chart, etc.), data display (percentages or totals), background color, and more.

Online Poll Creation Process – Create, Design, and Publish Your Online Polls in Minutes!

SurveyMethods' Online Poll Creation Process

Tips for Designing Effective Online Polls

  • Define clear objectives – why you want to carry out the poll and what you want to find out through the poll.
  • Determine your target audience. If you do not poll the right audience, you will not be able to get realistic results.
  • Keep your questions simple and short to ensure reliable responses from your respondents.
  • Use simple language in order to convey the meaning of your poll question clearly.
  • Make sure that your poll question is not biased and targeted towards a particular group. You definitely do not want to lose credibility with your respondents.
  • If it is not possible to cover all the answer options in your poll, make sure to include the “If other” option.
  • Analyze and act upon your poll results. Share the results with your respondents to boost their participation in future polls.

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