Online Survey Questionnaires

Developing an online survey questionnaire can be difficult. It’s not just about the questions you choose. It’s about making sure that you’re following the survey research best practices that studies have shown are effective for making online surveys work for your company.

Tips and Tricks for Designing Online Survey Questionnaires

Online surveys are different from traditional paper and pencil surveys. Some of those differences are valuable – online surveys can reach more people and are easier to fill out, reducing dropout rate. But some of the differences do represent challenges that you can only overcome with proper online survey best practices. When developing an online survey:

  • Customize: You always want those taking your survey to feel like they know you. Try to avoid dry, boring surveys that use only a template. Make sure that you customize your survey questionnaires to represent your business, so that survey takers feel they’re answering something you created.
  • Grab Attention: People have shorter attention spans on the web. So you will also need to make sure you’re grabbing their attention early, whether that’s with an incentive or more engaging initial copy that tells them why their responses are so important.
  • Shorten: Make sure that you’re not creating an overly long survey. Ask yourself if each question matters before you place it in the survey. Survey questionnaires that are too long often turn off potential responders.
  • Introduce Logic: Skip logic skips questions when the respondent has answered a question in a particular way. For example, if you ask “would you recommend our services to others?” and the respondent clicks “yes”, you do not want the next question to be “Why wouldn’t you recommend us?” That wouldn’t make sense. Skip logic skips those questions automatically so that gathering data is easier.
  • Input Data: Online surveys, especially those with SurveyMethods, can be plugged in with data that can potentially make tracking each user much easier. Strongly consider inputting data whenever you can to reduce the load on the respondent and get better data for analysis.

Sample Survey Questionnaire Templates

Using our professionally-designed survey questionnaire templates, you ask the right questions and get valuable results. You can use the templates as is, or customize them to fit your needs.

Using SurveyMethods’ online survey questionnaires, you can learn more about customer satisfaction, loyalty, and more. Make sure that you follow these best practices, and strongly consider working with SurveyMethods where you’ll also receive access to our complete online survey library and numerous tools to ensure collecting data is simple and easy. Contact SurveyMethods today.


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