Patron Satisfaction Survey: Measuring Patron Satisfaction at Restaurants

Running a restaurant is a lot like running any other type of business. While the work may be more service-oriented, the truth is that the customer experience matters – and it matters a lot. In fact, with the popularity of review aggregator websites and the effects that a negative review can have on your business, it is now more important than ever to make sure that you are correctly monitoring patron satisfaction, and adapting your restaurant to it accordingly.

Traditional Methods of Patron Satisfaction

Restaurants are, unfortunately, the prime example of the drawbacks of not using patron satisfaction surveys to measure the patron experience. Restaurant patrons are simply unlikely to share their true feelings about the meal and its service:

  • Most people will say their meal is “good”, even if they do not like it.
  • Most people will still tip, even if they do not like the service.
  • Most people will still go back once or twice, even if they want to go somewhere else.

If you judge your business on whether or not you’re seeing familiar faces, getting good tips, or receiving positive feedback from your patrons in person, you’re going to think your restaurant is always excellent even if it is not. That can cause you to fail to make important changes when they need to be made, thus resulting in the eventual loss of profits.

Running a More Effective Patron Satisfaction Survey Strategy

You need to give your patrons a way to tell you how your business is doing without asking them in person or basing it on subjective measurements. You can do that by running a satisfaction survey, using SurveyMethods’ online survey software. You simply create a survey, find a way to give to the customers (on their check, in their email, through social media, etc.), and then look at the results. Using this type of data collection method, you can get much more honest feedback about your restaurant and use it as a baseline to improve the patron experience. Even if you receive excellent feedback, there is almost always a way to make it even better, and through restaurant satisfaction surveys, you can successfully measure and monitor how your restaurant is doing and what else you can do to make sure that your restaurant is successful. Customer research isn’t something that most restaurants engage in, but it should be, because it is the only way to provide more accurate feedback and ensure your patrons will keep coming back. If you’re in need of an affordable online survey software to run your patron satisfaction survey, make sure you sign up for a free account with SurveyMethods. We offer numerous tools to ensure that you’re easily able to research your patrons and find out where you can improve. Contact us today to find out more.


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